Shelter - Tevno Lake, by @myfreshes

On the eastern shore of Tevno Lake in Pirin Mountain, in the lowest part of Belemeto locality, there is a shelter that is open year-round.

It was built on the road that runs along the Main Pirin ridge.

The shelter is a point on the European route E-4.

The shelter was built in 1972 by the Central Bank of BTS.

The Tevno Lake shelter is almost as large as a hut and is a massive two-storey building. On the first floor there is a tourist kitchen and a dining room where offering hot food and drinks.

On the second floor there is a common sleeping room with a 30 seats capacity. In the rear of the shelter are built 3 additional rooms (bungalows) with a total capacity of about 25 places.

It is electrified by its own generator, the drinking water is from a spring above the shelter. The toilets are external.

The shelter is located at an 2512 m above sea level.

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A very beautiful location. The photographs are fantastic.


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