Runners: Annoying Questions We Get Asked., by @dzboston33

These are common questions that I smile and answer so often that I want to pull my hair out. Mostly, because these questions often come from people who seem to be talking down towards what I do(Not everybody, for those, these questions don’t bother me at all) I should have not done this race. I had to eat 12 Krispey Kreme Donuts! Maybe I can eat whatever I want!

How long was your marathon?

This question upsets me greatly. First, because marathons are always the same distance (26.2 Miles). This same person will ask my time, then proceed to tell me they have run a 3-minute mile (okay, this has only happened a few times, and it’s always in gym class from like Jr. High or High School)

I don’t get why you run, isn’t it boring?

If I found it boring, I would have stopped. I wouldn’t torture myself if I enjoyed running. It is like me asking someone who enjoys knitting I don’t get it, isn’t it boring. People have their passions. Why do you many people insist on thinking if they don’t like something then everybody must not like it?

I guess you can eat anything you want.

I touched on this in my last post. Heck no I can’t eat what I want. Even if I exercise a ton and eat awful my blood labs would come back with all kinds of issues. Plus, runners, who do tend to eat what they want and not lift weights end up being skinny fat. Which personal I think looks awful.

"What's your mile time?"

This always seems like a loaded question from a non-runner. Either they are curious, and they just want to know which is fine and dandy. Or they instantly come back without they ran faster or some kid in their gym class ran faster. Often, the time they spit out is fast than the world record. Sometimes, they just want to make themselves seem super awesome! Others it’s because they have no idea how far an actual mile is and how long it would take someone to run that far.

Running is bad for your knees.

Research has often shown that running isn’t bad for your knees. So there is that...

I hope I didn’t offend anybody; I just had a person from my workplace who asked me 3 of the 4 questions on this list and I felt like they were talking down to me. Either questioning why I ran or trying to one-up how fast I ran. I can care less if a person runs, if they are fast or slow, just exercise and staying healthy is what I want to see people doing.

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I do like the personal accounts of various/any sports. Surprised you can’t eat pizza and run a 3 minute mile though 😛