Kyiv - city of bridges (half marathon), by @boga4

photo5242702163040382137.jpg How many bridges can you pass when you are on your typical running route?

Well, if you live on the Left Bank of Kyiv, than "a lot of". photo5242702163040382136.jpg This time, 5 bridges: - Temporary bridge from Rusanivski Sady to Trukhaniv island - The short bridge over the channel on Trukhaniv island - Pedestrian bridge over Dnipro river - Metro bridge over Dnipro river (from Right Bank to Hydropark) - Metro bridge, second part (from Hydropark to Left Bank).

First 20 kms for this year). Approximately a half marathon (not sure exactly, I have some GPS problems, it could be inaccurate)

1.831 HBD







Nice work! Keep it up!!! Aim for 6 bridges next time ;)


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