Running Plan for the 2nd Adaptation Week, by @toofasteddie

Sunday, time for updating the running plan according to the past performance and sending to my fellow runners in order to start another ADAPTATION week of running. This one is the second of two preparatory weeks in order to start the "LOADING" phase on September 16th. Remember that we have two near 10K races at the horizon, one on October 13th and another, which for me is more important, on the 27th of the same, in order to not kill ourselves trying to put all our efforts on the first race I have to get a balanced plan.

As I wrote in this post , as a general plan for the first race I am basically following this strategy:

  • 2 Weeks of " Adaptation ": Running softly but consistently and including some Strength & Core workouts in order to prepare the body for the following weeks.
  • 2 Weeks of " Load " on which we will increase the intensity and volume of the workouts, obliging the body to rise its condition.
  • 1 Week of " Transition ": we will keep the volume but not the intensity, we will specifically run at the target pace.
  • 1 Week of " Execution " on which we will have the first race on Sunday. On this week, Volume will decrease a lot and we will focus on arriving as fresher as possible to the race. We will search for the full recovery of the body and its adaption to a higher performance level.

As I said, first week of adaptation has been completed... I am starting to feel better despite I also "acquire" a blister on my left foot (SH*T!!!!), which I try to heal...

The plan for this week

I used to write my training plan on my notebook, so below you will see a capture of it:


I am sure you have realized that I use CATALAN for writing it so, let me translate it somehow now:


30' of regenerative run . Target Pace 5'10"/km to 5'/km


2Km of Warm-up run (jogging) + Musculation Block 1(*) + 8 x 500m at 4'30" to 4'20"/km pace, resting 200m in 1'10" (Jogging) + 1Km of Cool-down Jog + Soft stretching


2Km of Warm-up run (jogging) + Stairs (a series of skippings, jumps, and works on steps-stairs) + 2km of soft run + Soft Stretching


1Km of Warm-up run (jogging) + Musculation Block 1(*) + 3km at 4'40"/km + 2km at 4'30", without resting between them, + 2Km of Cool-down Jog + Soft stretching


NO-Running day. Can be cycling instead, short distances.


Either on Saturday or Sunday, to perform the Long Run of the week, i.e:

Progressive run of 2km at 5'/km + 3km at 4'50/km + 3km at 4'40/km + 1km at 4'20"/km + 1km of Cool-down jog

(*) Meaning of "Musculation Block 1":

  • Hip Mobility on Fence , something similar to what is seen in this video:

At the end of the Hip mobility (5' in total), to perform two times the following series of exercises:

  • 10 x "Pistol" or One-leg-squat per leg (10+10) + 30" rest + 10 Push-Ups + 30" rest + 20 x Calf-extension + 200m Run (easy run)


Will you join me following the plan?

Keep on Running!!

@toofasteddie, proud member and author/promoter of the @runningproject initiative

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