Keeping your mouth shut while running , by @ervin-lemark

Or in other words, breathing through your nose.

Is it possible to breathe through nose only during the exercise? Like running, for example.

It is. Not just possible. It's a preferred and a proper way to breathe.


Nose is for breathing and mouth is for eating. Simple as that.

This morning I did my first run with breathing through the nose only. Five kilometers without a single breath through the mouth. The tempo was easy and the feet was done easily. Let's build on this.

What about you? Do you even think about how to breathe properly?

Thanks for your input.

Better and better

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It's one of those things I read before here on Steemit, there is also a thing about doing a specific amount of breaths in and out. I tried that but miserably failed. Next time I do a short run I will try breathing trough my nose.

Good luck adopting this new habit !


Other tip:

When inhale, try to elongate the stomach. And when exhale, compress the stomach, like you're trying to hide it.

That way we make more efficient breathing.

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On easy runs I try to be able to breathe through the nose in order to keep the pace easy enough. However, it usually takes just a small hill to make it difficult.

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I just try to keep my mouth shut at all times. Keeps me breathing well, and it keeps me from saying anything stupid.


Most runs I breath through my nose. When I'm stressing my system, i.e. running up a hill or just after running up a hill, I'll resort to a technique called tactical breathing. Use it to control your breathing and reduce your heart rate. Probably a combination of breathing techniques. There is also something called Rhythmic Breathing that uses your cadence to coordinate your breathing.


I may try this on my next run, but it can be hard to break habits


I'm trying breathing from the nose, and I do at least 95% of the time... it's my habit.