Who to contact when you want to set up your own Hash., by @chaingmai.hhh

Here's the easiest part of any Hash; If you want to set up your own you don't contact anyone... you just do it. One of the funniest email exchanges I have ever heard of consists of someone in the North of Thailand contacting the mother-of-all-mother hashes in Kuala Lumpur asking about how to set up a chapter in Sukhotai.


The email was very formal and was almost certainly written by someone from a business background and asking about the formalities associated with setting up a new HHH chapter and inquiring about the processes and various bits of paperwork necessary to make that happen.

The response that this person was sent by the "President" that was in "charge" of the first Hash that the world has ever known consisted of these words.

It doesn't have shit to do with us.... do whatever you want

And there my friends, basically sums up the Hash House Harriers in their entirety. It really is a majestically wonder that they exist on a global level at all because honestly, there is no leadership. No one coordinates with one another, no one has the same rules or regulations, and everyone's financials are completely left up to that individual chapter.


I think this lack of understanding about how this system works can be summed up in a very interesting and simple nutshell: No one is trying to make money off of this. There is probably not a single profitable Hash chapter anywhere on the planet because this was never about making money. If anyone ever were to come along and try to commercialize all of this, they would get voted out with the quickness.

HHH has never been about making money: It is all about friends getting together to have a good time and maybe get some exercise if they absolutely must.

Perhaps this is why it hasn't died over the years. We never had another objective. We never try to convert anyone or get you to sign up and half the time when we have events the organization actually loses money attempting (in vain) to promote it.


In the unlikely event that we ever make money we always donate it to some sort of charity anyway so I guess this is yet another reason to support your local Hash House Harriers. Don't try to send them a check... they will refuse it. You have to run with them first.

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