The hills man.... the hills!, by @chaingmai.hhh

Every now and then we end up with a Hare that wants to punish the rest of us just fore being alive. These people tend to create the most absurd paths that one can imagine and of course sometimes we get a true sadist who simply wants to hurt us and make the entire damn thing one long hill climb.


Pigshit or "Piggie" as we call him held nothing back when he pointed out the direction that the path was simply starting at and we were immediately faced with a potential ankle twister thanks to the car parked in the path. Unfortunately for all of us, things got a lot worse as the day went on.


I don't know how they managed to have us always going uphill and never down (not actually true) but they pulled it off. It felt as though we were constantly going up the entire 5km or so and some of us handled it better than others.


Here's the thing folks, once you start on a trail you have only two choices: You can carry on and finish or you can turn back and return to the start point by backtracking. This, of course, is frowned upon and you can expect to be roasted for it since one of your members named "Tiptoe" walks with a cane and almost always finished all of the trails, even this one.


So as they say you gotta "suck it up buttercup" and deal with the pain and power through. It will all be over in a few km anyway, right? Then you get to sit down and enjoy an nice ice cold beer!

Come join us if you are in the Chiang Mai area or if you are visiting from somewhere else in Thailand. We go on trail runs at least 3 times a week and you can get full details HERE


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