YTD Running Stats, by @brian.rrr

Hi Friends,

I have a confession - I have been slacking off on my running lately. I hit a busy spell at work and was pulling some late nights, and the weather has gotten hot, so over the last two months, I have not gone out for very many runs.

I usually run about 3 miles per time out, and I added up my year to date mileage through mid July - I am at 96.2 miles.


While that sounds good, we are 200 days into the year, so I am averaging less than half a mile per day. 96 miles means I have gone out for 32 runs, which is about 1 time per week - very weak.

Of course, this does not count other forms of exercise - I regularly play basketball and lift weights, and some of my hobbies are strenuous - gold prospecting and kayak fishing, so I am getting some exercise, but I am still not too pleased with my YTD running stats - need to get out for more runs!

In looking at my goals for 2021, I set a goal of 200 miles for the year, so I am well behind that!

How are your 2021 goals going?

Thanks for coming by, Brian

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The beginning is very good. Keep up your steps. Give me some time You will get success. thanks for sharing


I'm on 770km=480 miles so far. Mostly managing to keep up 3 runs per week. I am on target for about the same as last year and that's okay. We each do what we can.

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