Fields of endless bottomless snow 📷, by @unipsycho

Fields of endless bottomless snow. Some of the areas I hike and snowshoe to have absolutely hoards of snow this winter already here in Canada. These old forested cutblocks in the summer are just littlered with trees, stumps and all kinds of deforestation debris, that make them nearly impossible to pass in the summer. But in winter, and a snowy one at that, they are all but covering in several feet of snow, making them an endless flat view where the snow at times just seems bottomless.


On route in the forest, there was a fresh woodpecker's work on this large pine tree. The sap and wood was smelling fresh and the red breasted wood pecker was hard at work. ImageText

Some more snow fields of endless snow make things really feel like a tiny planet, since you only care about your immediate surroundings in these massive fields. haha, so I thought this photo was appropriate for the feeling. ImageText

And finally, the lunch spot, from the creek valley up a ridge to an excellent overlooking area for the hammock. And some hot chocolate and time to relax. ImageText

The edge a few feet over has a steep rock face, but provides a grand view over the creek valley. ImageText

Back in the hammock to just relax a while after lunch. ImageText

I hope you enjoyed this hike's photos, as I did capturing them!

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