Trolltunga, part 1: Are you scared of heights?, by @celestal
Finally continuing with more photos from the Norway roadtrip I did with my friends couple months ago (gosh so long already!). Getting to _Troll Tongue_ we had to hike over 10 kilometers (and the same distance back). It would be possible to do in a day with light gear and starting in the morning, but such hard planning isn't really our thing. Besides, we had all the gear to spend nights outside. Furthermore, camping is really nice. The hike started with a steep uphill until getting to a steadier ground where we set up a camp and experienced a red sky by the sunset, and the next day we were set to reach the unique rock ledge. Now it's starting to look like something! Aaaaaand here is the Trolltunga itself. The tongue-shaped ledge is actually accessible and we all took our turn to get on it and look down the cliff which is 700 meters up from the lake – very carefully . This is a somewhat known sight with a lot of people visiting it, and there has been at least one reported death where an Australian exchange student slipped to her death. Slipped... Talking of which, soon after we arrived there, couple guys showed up who in my eyes had a very low levels of survival instinct. I mean, look at those motherfuckers! They act like it's a knee deep hole they're looking at!!! I have no other explanation for this other than they being (crazy) Norwegians for whom this is just a regular day in life. _Part 2 with more pictures coming soon..._

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Oh. Of someone is hear, someone must actually need to say his or her last player


Hiking yes... hiking when its slippery and icy .. NO! That ledge.. DEATH.., I'm getting vertigo looking at it.

Your saying you walked to the edge or crawled? I would be jelly on there. Some have it and some don't.


Jesus that looks cold. Why? I mean, granted the view seems pretty fucking great (I'd love to crawl around on that edge thing) but I wouldn't stomach that snow for anything :)))


Was that 7 on the rock for Nathan Mars? I'm not a fan of heights and would totally be the guy crawling on his stomach to about...100 feet from the edge at best.


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Nothing short of spectacular, I hope those people are wearing non-slip shoes.


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Holy shit dude, awesome shots!