Climbing Toco, by @dannystravels


Standing in Chile with Bolivia in the background_

Mount Toco stands at 5604 Metres, and it's probably the most accessible way to climb up to these crazy altitudes without much mountaineering experience.

We had spent a few days acclimatising for this trip and despite all the preparation we made you really don't know how the altitude will affect you. I suffered strong headaches and shortness of breath which made the climb really gruelling.


The volcano on the left is the dormant Licancabur, with the flat topped Juriques on the right. The flat top is due to the last eruption blowing the entire top of.

In the native Kunza language Licancabur translates as "the mountain of the people". It is a sacred mountain with a huge significance on atacameno culture.

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19.868 HBD







What a view! I congratulate you for the effort to climb this, it was definetely not easy! Thank you for sharing!