Feedback from the May 1st Hive Power Up Day, by @hivebuzz

The Hive Power Up Day has truly become an important moment in the life of our community and, once again, this edition did not disappoint us.

HIVE price is still high (which is good news) and while we were expecting low participation (compared to a month ago when the HIVE price was way lower), we Have been happy to see decent numbers, although we haven't broken any new records this month.

A few words from the PUD organizers


Happy May Day all! Seems we got another nice little bump in the HBD price to celebrate Power Up Day with, and it was nice enough that I was able to make a bigger than usual power-up, as well as powering up some $LEO too! I don't think it will be a record-breaking month as far as overall numbers go, but it seems like every month, more and more people are finding out about this fun way to build their stacks while investing in our blockchain home.

While I was pretty busy today with my turn at the @lovesniper helm (a wicked cool initiative from @ocd to help welcome new people to the blockchain), I was able to take some quick peeks & I saw lots of chatter on Hive as well as Twitter about people staking their coins. To me. that's even more exciting than seeing larger-than-usual power up amounts because I think getting people enthusiastic about staking their Hive makes for a more involved and dedicated community (if that's even possible, given how incredible it already is!).

As always, thanks to everyone who participated in any way, either by powering up, posting, shouting out on social media - all of it helps to shine a light on our blockchain home. Special thanks to @hivebuzz for always BEEing such an incredible buzz-maker for Hive Power Up Day, as well as all the other cool initiatives you do for our blockchain home!

See everyone on June 1st!

What are the PUD stats of this month?

As mentioned above, we didn't break records this time around. Let's start first with those who choose to help others grow, the Power Up Helpers .

We have 14 users who have made a power-up to another account and have thus allowed 20 people to get their PUD badge.

Special kudos to those who were helping several accounts: @french-tech (3), @junkfeathers (3)

Together, the helpers gifted 278.62 HIVE !

Here is the complete list of helpers and their donation: @french-tech (75.00), , @junkfeathers (30.00), @wedacoalition (20.00), @primersion (17.50), @blue.rabbit (10.62), @tibaire (10.50), @brittandjosie (10.00), @deepresearch (10.00), @elizabeths14 (10.00), @manuelmusic (10.00), @melinda010100 (10.00), @revisesociology (10.00), @successchar (10.00) and @victoriabsb (10.00).

A huge thank you to them all for their generosity! Show them some love by upvoting one of their recent posts.

We now have 99 users who helped at least one less powerful user who never got any power-up from anyone. These benefactors got the so coveted Power Up Helper badge:

Congratulations to @junkfeathers (9), @reiseamateur (8), @tazi (7), @traciyork (7), @primersion (5), @victoriabsb (5), @louis88 (5), @melinda010100 (5), @french-tech (4), @carlagonz (3), @kubak (3), @scorer (3), @sandymeyer (3), @ecency (3), @ahmadmanga (3), @fraenk (3), @kwame89 (2), @immanuel94 (2), @blocktrades (2), @saleg25 (2), @gr33nm4ster (2), @p3ntar0u (2), @lesiopm (2), @sammie (2), @oliverschmid (2), @trumpikas (2), @shmoogleosukami (2), @trangbaby (2), @silversaver888 (2), @straykat (2), @schlafhacking (2), @revisesociology (2), @bashadow (2), @derangedvisions (2), @dawnoner (2), @condeas (2), @fw206 (2), @dannewton (2), @jossduarte (2), @arcange, @androshchuk, @keco, @ramzimo68, @manuelmusic, @nomad-magus, @emsenn0, @skylinebuds, @vokus, @fronttowardenemy, @tibaire, @tsunsica, @ctrpch, @wedacoalition, @happyfrog420, @madefrance, @thatcryptodave, @perceval, @alexvan, @littlenewthings, @successchar, @walterjay, @quekery, @ksteem, @stayoutoftherz, @ybanezkim26, @phoenixwren, @richardfyates, @valerianis, @russellstockley, @pavelsku, @maruskina, @ph1102, @jznsamuel, @tarazkp, @satren, @pixiepost, @muscara, @qwerrie, @schlees, @zirky, @laloretoyya, @recording-box, @pardinus, @yolimarag, @gregory-f, @jeffjagoe and @inertia. (List by number of helpees)

Remember that the number of people you are helping will have a significant influence on the delegations we will do.

But before writing about that, take a look at how you did against the previous editions:

Compared to the previous month, even if we did not have a slight decrease in the number of participants, we still have a 15 %increase in the amount of HIVE powered up. Congratulations to the 358 users who together performed a power-up of 90814 HIVE .

Let's now look at what happened with the distribution of power-ups:

Less big power-ups with 14 big stakers who got the Jumbo-Bee thanks to a power-up of at least 1000 HIVE.

Congrats to @tarazkp (21000), @fredrikaa (3850), @rivalzzz (3329,089), @jayzel (2744,346), @jim888 (1436,301), @tom21th (1213,786), @french-tech (1123,153), @traciyork (1111,111), @howweroll (1111), @ewkaw (1100), @deepresearch (1001), @pouchon (1000) and @blue.rabbit (1000).

On the other hand, we have had more “level 4” participants. It seems that there are some choices that had to be made.

Hive Power delegations

Since the beginning of this year, we are rewarding regular participants and those who have also been generous in helping others by offering a 3 weeks Hive Power delegation . To be eligible for a delegation: - you must have participated in this Power Up Day. - You must have performed at least 5 power-ups on Power Up Day. Power-up received from another user is not taken into account. - 4 of these 5 power-ups must have been done on the last 5 Power Up Days (including this one).

The last rule has been slightly modified from what we announced in order not to penalize those who unfortunately missed a PUD (shit happens). This allows us to support a bit more participants and reward your commitment and consistency.

To compute the amount of HP delegated to each user, we use the following criteria:

  • The number of power-ups performed.
  • The number and levels of power-ups you have performed (ex: you made two "level 3" and three "level 5" power-ups).
  • The number of people you helped to power up and the amount involved.

This month we will delegate no less than 4604 HP to 129 users

User Delegated HP
@french-tech 243
@junkfeathers 240
@traciyork 189
@melinda010100 151
@louis88 150
@forykw 149
@primersion 130
@victoriabsb 109
@satren 94
@sandymeyer 93
@walterjay 91
@straykat 82
@ahmadmanga 79
@ervin-lemark 77
@jongolson 77
@revisesociology 73
@bashadow 68
@silversaver888 67
@trumpikas 65
@stayoutoftherz 63
@trangbaby 59
@tarazkp 59
@muscara 54
@elianaicgomes 53
@arcange 52
@deepresearch 51
@jeanlucsr 49
@dawnoner 48
@brittandjosie 47
@ksteem 45
@jesusalejos 44
@qwerrie 43
@ewkaw 41
@blue.rabbit 41
@pouchon 40
@gregory-f 40
@richardfyates 39
@recording-box 37
@livinguktaiwan 36
@thebluewin 35
@fermionico 35
@bala41288 35
@galenkp 34
@phoenixwren 33
@iamraincrystal 32
@justclickindiva 32
@abh12345 31
@steevc 30
@dalz 30
@successchar 29
@hivebuzz 29
@elizabeths14 29
@daltono 29
@seckorama 28
@alexvan 26
@preparedwombat 26
@dechuck 24
@manorvillemike 23
@starstrings01 23
@ace108 23
@aliento 23
@joetunex 22
@vincentnijman 21
@indextrader24 21
@the-bitcoin-dood 20
@shasta 20
@cmplxty 20
@johannpiber 19
@friendlymoose 19
@elikast 19
@lizelle 18
@mark3004 18
@arrliinn 18
@detlev 18
@bitandi 17
@broncnutz 17
@justinparke 16
@bhattg 16
@cryptosimplify 15
@russia-btc 15
@jaster 15
@marki99 14
@ryivhnn 14
@thehockeyfan-at 14
@lisamgentile1961 14
@janasilver 14
@darth-azrael 14
@melbourneswest 13
@manuvert 13
@santigs 13
@miriannalis 13
@pixaroma 13
@aurodivys 13
@fionasfavourites 13
@deerjay 13
@gurseerat 12
@erikklok 12
@holovision 11
@chmoen 10
@notacinephile 10
@eliezerfloyd 9
@imfarhad 9
@hive-106444 9
@juecoree 8
@rmach 8
@irvinc 8
@faffy 8
@harpreetjanda 8
@papilloncharity 8
@paxjulia 8
@acont 8
@irisworld 8
@josediccus 8
@idiosyncratic1 7
@hive-179017 7
@photowanze 7
@alenox 7
@guurry123 6
@victor-alexander 6
@malomi 6
@steampunkkaja 6
@dracrow 6
@savvyplayer 5
@hairyfairy 5
@jfang003 5
@leslieebano 5
@sacra97 5

Congratulations to all of you!

See you on June 1st for the next PUD!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange

17.596 HBD







Thank you for sharing the information about PUD. I hope I can participate to this program too.


Great stuff. I was able to do a good power up thanks to finding some crypto I'd forgotten. I sold it for HIVE as that is useful to me. Buying it is getting expensive now, so I'll have to see what I can manage next month.



Fun day, another 30 days till next time


And thank you for the delegation it’s much appreciatad


3rd in PowerUp Value. sounds great :)

Cheers buddy and thanks for the Hivebuzz PUD Again!


Hola @@hivebuzz, me alegra haber participado por primera vez en ésta dinámica de crecimiento colectivo, donde apostamos a Hive, a los otros y a nosotros mismos… Seguiré trabajando para que cada primero de mes, la apuesta sea mayor ayudando a algunos más a crecer… Ésta primera vez, estuvo genial, gracias…

Felicidades a todos y todas los que participamos y en especial a los que recibieron delegaciones.

Saludos, bendiciones y éxitos…

Hi @@hivebuzz, I'm glad to have participated for the first time in this dynamic of collective growth, where we bet on Hive, others and ourselves... I will continue working so that every first of the month, the bet will be bigger helping some more to grow... This first time, it was great, thank you...

Congratulations to all who participated and especially to those who received delegations.

Greetings, blessings and success...


Thank you @hivebuzz!


Damn, I knew about power up day, but I didn't know it came with some benefits. I powered up a little last month, if I knew of the benefits I would have waited till PUD before I powered up. Fuck!


Thanks for sponsoring PUD and for the delegation @hivebuzz!


Hola @hivebuzz, me alegra seguir participando y apoyando a la plataforma e invitando a otros a hacerlo.

Felicidades a todos los que recibieron delegaciones, muy agradecida de estar por aquí.

Hello @hivebuzz, I am happy to continue participating and supporting the platform and inviting others to do so.

Congratulations to all those who received delegations, very grateful to be here.


Thank you, thank you.. Good job everyone 🌈👍


Thanks for the monthly HP delegation and for everything you do in general for the community guys :)


I am sure in the next month I will do the job better. (this was not a very successful month for me on the hive) cheers!


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Life got in the way, and I forgot to join the Power Up day.


Hello everybody. This is my first power up, and the First time i am helper! İ feel Very happy for it!


Thank you so much @hivebuzz, you are truly awesome!untitled.gif


Thank you so much @hivebuzz for the wonderful work you do in supporting the Hive PUD. It's amazing the number of Hive members who take part each month. This is a great initiative that @streetstyle started and now @traciyork has continued and is doing an excellent job.

Your show of support by offering proof of one's power up with the Power Up Badge and Countdown Timer to help us keep track shows your commitment in making this event even greater.

I appreciate also your support every day and especially during the my power up with a delegation. It helps me to help others. That is what Hive and the HivePUD is about...getting stronger so we can help the newer members.

Until June...take care.


Gracias. Por mi pequeña delegación. Compromiso y honor. Gracias


Yay! and thank you for being forgiving of that one month i missed! It's on my calendar now, so no more missed power up days! :D


Friends, thank you very much. It is an honor to be listed. I appreciate the delegation.


Hahaha I was not ready for the 3 weeks Hive Power delegation, I didn't know I was eligible 😂 Thank you so much @hivebuzz, you are the best (with @traciyork) at giving me a fun & surprising #HivePUD every month 🐝🎉

My HIVE Witness (rank 85) introduction post Don't miss the Hive Power UP Day! more info here


Thanks for the HP delegation and I love the badges. My power up wasn't what I would have loved to do but maybe next month. Congrats to all others who have made the cut too!


Who got a shiny new Power-Up Helper badge? Uh...


Yep. I'm pretty stoked about it! Thanks for doing what you do, @arcange / @hivebuzz. This place wouldn't be the same without you... and its success will be in part because of this type of gamification and community. Cheers!


Thank you ☺️ Glad to be part of this


Glad to be part of the Hive Power Up day! 💖🤗


Thank you @hivebuzz 🤩🥰😍


Thank you very much @hivebuzz for all you do and thank you also for the delegation!! It was such a nice surprise!! 🤗💕


yess yess yessss 😀 thanks thanksssss I'm too happy for that delegation 😁 I love the power up 💙 A hug @hivebuzz @traciyork




fantastic achievement. Because it will always support me.And I'm always with you.

Thanks From @muneebmahbub


Thanks a lot!


Thank you for the delegation! Hopefully till then the HP will grow with another good amount of Hive!

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New here and just saying hello 👋 Thanks for the helping #HiveBuzz