False-Positive phishing alert reported by antivirus software, by @hivebuzz

Since yesterday, many of you who use AVG or AVAST as an antivirus solution have reported receiving phishing alerts related to the site https://hivebuzz.me.

Unfortunately, this is a very annoying false positive! Our website is safe and secure!

We immediately reported this error to both software vendors. So far, only AVG has reacted by confirming its mistake:

The good news is that they have already taken steps to fix it.

We do not collect any user information

We want to reassure you: the HiveBuzz site does not collect any information from users. You don't even have to log in as a Hive user.

It is very unfortunate that this incident happened and that it also disrupted your user experience with the various front-ends that display information obtained through the HiveBuzz API, such as the badges that you obtained.

Once again, our team reacted swiftly and we hope that this incident will be fixed soon at Avast and that it will not happen again. In any case, we are ready to react to it as quickly as we have done.

The Hivebuzz Team .

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange

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This sucks, Seem like it is common with these places for many crypto related products.

Hope they fix it. Would more people reporting it is safe help?


I had that issue also, but it only ever occurred when on hive.blog, not on peakd my primary access to Hive. So I pretty much ignored it.


AVG is free and not tht good it has many vulns I don't know why it is calling anything else a sec risk when this software is a sec risk itself.


Thanks for putting out the update.


Thanks for dealing with the matter promptly. I appreciate that.


Que bueno que pudieron aclarar a tiempo esta información.


That's Great.and Helpfull.


Hey, hey, hey. Sorry if this isn't the right place to bring this up, but I couldn't find any support page related to you guys. Who do I contact regarding a missing badge? I've been verified for a while now but I still haven't been awarded the badge. https://hivewatchers.com/verifications?utf8=%E2%9C%93&verification%5Busername_search%5D=jedau Thanks in advance for your assistance regarding this!


Help!! I haven't received Master key.. how could I get Master key?


Feliz tarde, gracias por esta información...es bueno estar al tanto de que no existe ninguna amenaza de phishing con hivebuzz.me y es bueno saber que se trata de un falso positivo...podemos estar tranquilos.


Unfortunately everything is a damn monopoly. Where all antivirus companies create viruses to make a profitable business. And of course we are the people, who buy the licenses. For them to fill their pockets