We went paddleboarding at Sutton Lake again, by @daltono

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Getting out on the lake

@flowerbaby and I had another recent adventure. We went paddleboarding at Sutton Lake for the second time. A little over a year ago we went paddleboarding for the first time . Both of us had an absolute blast. I honestly cannot believe that it took us over a year before we went again. Sutton Lake is not only great for paddleboarding but also kayaking and boating. Of course, this scenic location is also ideal for swimming, which we also did last time (check that one out here ).

Enough about previous times, let's talk about how this time went. We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. We are at the tail end of summertime here in West Virginia. This means that the weather is still warm, but it's not so hot that we are certain to be burnt by the sun. The water was at the perfect temperature and the place was just about as busy as last time. The parking lot was nearly full, but the lake itself is so gigantic that it seemed like hardly anybody was out on the water with us.

We rented two paddleboards for 2 hours, I think it cost us around $55. I didn't consider that price to be too bad. It definitely beats having to lug around or blow up your own paddleboard. I feel like at some point in the future we will have our own paddleboards, but now is not the time for that just yet.

Paddleboards are a great place to increase the difficulty of a stagnant yoga practice. The level of balance needed to complete simple poses is increased tremendously. A push up for instance is more likely to engage a larger amount of unique muscles due to the constant shifting of the water. I was surprised that I somehow am still able to do a headstand on a paddleboard. I honestly haven't practiced headstands or yoga in general much over the last year. Somehow it still sticks with me and I can do some pretty cool stuff.

@flowerbaby is a great little yogini herself. All of her poses look proper compared to my often flawed postures. Her body seems to be more okay with sinking into poses, where my body almost needs to be forced to do some things due to it being quite a bit tighter than hers.

One thing that my girl certainly did not do is go swimming in the lake. Her new knee tattoo was still somewhat fresh, although I think it would have been safe to go swimming at this point. She just didn't like the idea of getting in the water because she wasn't sure what might be lurking down below. She got in last time, so I know she is capable of it. Plus she has no fear at all when it comes to swimming in the ocean, a place that is far more unexplored and likely to have something dangerous in it. I guess it comes down to the fact that the bottom of the lake is 125 ft deep.

We had an absolute blast this time, just like we did last time. Sutton Lake is one of my favorite places in West Virginia. It is only about an hour north of where we live. The drive is peaceful and not tiresome in the least bit. I wish we could go more often. Maybe next time I can convince @flowerbaby to jump off her paddleboard and into this amazing lake.

Enjoy the following photos of our day well spent.




























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I have been wanting a paddle board for a while now. When we were planning on moving to Oregon, we were gonna be getting some kayaks and paddle boards. Guess I have to wait to be as cool as you...


very beautiful and amazing place


Wow that looks amazing and if I ever got a chance to do that I will definitely do that to be honest that is in my bucket list but over here we don't have then many laks so that many places to do all this adventurous things but that looks so amazing

and all the picture looks so good because the lighting is pretty much really nice for this pictures well they are not over exposed and it looks nice to me


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Yoga flame!


Que bueno que se diviertan amigo. Ya tendrΓ‘ su propia tabla, linda pareja, saludos.




This looks really fun!! Wow, guys, I'm impressed with you both doing yoga poses in the boards! That's AWESOME! I also gave a look to the pics of the last time you went there and those are great too!! I was already missing being part of your adventures! I'm sending a big hug for you both. The knee tattoo of @flowerbaby is beautiful! ❀️


Another exit in nature with a lot of fun it seems