Kindness I encountered from strangers while travelling. A story from Sweden, by @irisworld

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I addicted to travel and I try to travel whenever I have time and opportunity. Sometimes I travel alone. There are uniqueness and special feelings which you get when you start alone with new destinations. Sometimes I travel with friends. But I always have some adventures during travel. And during every trip, I meet many nice people which make my trip special and unforgettable.

Today I want to share with you a story which happened to me when I and my friends were in Sweden .

As soon as we arrived in Sweden we started to plan hiking trips to the North part of Sweden . It was difficult to predict the weather and it was even more difficult to predict when your bus will arrive at the bus stop. But we decided to have the first hiking in Sweden to Tavelsjon!

So, on day X we came to the bus stop about 10 minutes before the bus supposed to come (according to the app). We wait for about an hour, but not even a single bus came. It was early morning, a little bit cloudy and windy. We checked the bus schedule on the bus stop and it seemed like the earliest bus will be in 3–4 hours.

What to do? We decided to take that bus and to go to the museum, where we can spend a couple of hours. Because we were sure, that if we go home, we won’t go out that day.

Anyways, we figured out to take the bus and to come to Tavelsjon. The landscape was stunning. On one side there was a lake (we even thought to go closer to it on our way back from the planned hiking). And on the other side was a forest and our destination.

A small digression… There are small cosy houses in some parts of hiking destinations in Sweden. Everyone can use it. There is everything that you need to spend a night, even during the winter. There is something like a fireplace inside the house. So you even can use it to cook something. And the main point, these houses are free.

According to the map, we supposed to arrive at one of these small houses maximum in an hour. But we walked around 4–5 hours. In some points of our trip, it seemed like no one used that path before . It was late fall, so it was getting dark much earlier than in summer.

Then we somehow figured out to find a residential area with a few houses. But there was no one . We kept walking. And saw a car which just arrived at one of the houses. We ran to that house. A couple of women were standing outside. We asked them about small houses which we were looking for. And women said that these houses are located about 10-minutes walking from here. Somehow we found one of such houses. But…

There was no door… And it was far away from one about which we read in travel books, and about which we dreamed. We were super hungry, so we made a fire, warmed our sausages and cooked potatoes. But it was obvious that it is impossible to stay here for a night.

So we went outside with a hope to find another place to stay. And we saw some lights which were coming from a house about 500 meters away.

We ran there. We were surprised. One of the women who we met before opened the door. She was living there with her husband. She had another small house just behind their home. And they offered us that house . It was a small but very warm and cosy place. We had some tea and enjoyed a happy end of our first day of hiking.

I don’t what we would do if we didn’t meet that woman that night…She was our angel!

We went sleep, and didn’t know that tomorrow another adventure is waiting for us…


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