Recalibrating Because Of Covid-19, by @dragosroua

As some of you know, I was training for a 24 hours race, which was supposed to take place on 17-18 April in Valencia. As expected, the race was postponed, the new date is sometimes in September. At least that's what we know now, things may change until then. Some races I was eyeing, like the Ultratour do Leman, in Switzerland, were cancelled completely.

I'm optimistic, though, as the 24 hours de Valencia was already booked, so people paid for it before the crisis and I believe some of the expenses are already processed, so there won't be possible for the organizers to cancel completely and refund all the participants. Whereas races which were later in the year, like Ultratour du Leman, didn't have enough paying customers and none of the expenses processed, so for them it's easier to postpone.

I personally look forward to this 24 hours race, for which I already started to train. It was really hard to start running again after 2 months of almost complete stillness. But it felt so good.

I'm curious, what are your experiences with long distance running this year? Do you have any plans? Do you have any of the races postponed or modified completely? Let's have a conversation about this.

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I was planning to run a half marathon on March, that was my main target race of the year since I have been so busy to train longer distance... Now, my main objective is to recover my general running shape which I lost these last couple of months.


I am sure the race will happen. Best of luck for the race. I usually run in short sprints now a days.


I easily get bored off of long distance racing. I can run short distance racing but long distance racing that one is not an option for me.

So sometimes I always imagine those people running marathon racing and how do he or she is able to run that hour of running


Hey, I wish you luck with you previous next race :) Train well since you have plenty of time.

This year, I already entered into four postponed events: - 21K in March in Slovenia, moved to October - 90K in late April in Serbia, moved to September - 108K tomorrow in Slovenia, canceled with several refund options; I opted to transfer the entry to the next year - 42K in June in Slovenia, postponed to 2021; since I am the sweeper here I didn't need to pay the fee

So far I am training well. We've been lucky in Slovenia to have some freedom of movement. In April, for example, I've run 270 kilometers which is a lot for my standards.

Good luck to anybody starting to run seriously this season.


Forgot something ... :)

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I was raised on an island in Alaska. I learned to conserve my strength until necessary. Consequently, I only run when some savage beast, usually mothers protecting their young, is chasing me - or I'm chasing them.

How I met my ex-wife, and why I ran away.

It's truly a long distance race, continuing more than a decade now.

Glad you're getting back in form. It is astounding how quickly we lose our mettle when unchallenged.

Run to win.


Nothing can stop a consistent Runner. @runningproject

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER


There are lot of on going programs that you are engaged, supporting the community.


this covid 19 situation is getting too much now when we all will be back on track pheww