All Good Things Come to an End, by @michelmake

For the past few year's I've been living in a cool little town in a very special region. The village, called Vaals , is located in the very corner of the Netherlands. Vaals touches both the German and the Belgium border.

While at home writing this post, I'm just about a 100 meters from both Germany and Belgium.

Before moving to Vaals I wasn't particularly excited about it. It was just economically and conveniently the best spot for me. Now, 4 years later, I never thought I would love this place as much as currently do! And that's all thanks to cycling.

See, when I moved here, I also got myself a new road bike and started exploring. Together with one of my colleagues I explored every road and dirt trail we could find.

image.png My cycling buddy. Notice the Jersey :D

We had sunny days and rain. Days where we drank some beers in middle of nowhere Belgium some where halfway from home. Days where we got stuck in that some middle of nowhere Belgium with flat tires and broken derailleurs.

It ups or downs, I always enjoyed it. The first few rides from my new place in Vaals, I knew I would never have regrets moving there!

image.png I mean, look at this...

In three months from now, I will finish up my job and move on to a new chapter. I'm not sure what this new chapter will be about, but I'm sure it will be fine.

One thing I also can say for sure, looking back at my time in Vaals, is that I took every opportunity to exploit the beauty this area has to offer. Below you can see a heat map of all my cycling activities in the area.


And a close-up:


I'm sad to leave this place, but I am excited for what is to come.

I say goodbye with a big fat grin on my face and a feeling of content... :)

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Nice heat maps! You clearly explored a lot of the beautiful area. Where are you heading next?


That are quite some kilometers. Living on the other side of the Netherlands I'm jaleaous of the beautiful wide views in Limburg. What did you use to create the heat maps? And as @erikklok says; where are you moving to now?


Nothing tastes better than cold beer after a long ride, or mid-ride with a beautiful view and a comfy place.

One question: what app do you use to track/overlay all your rides on a single map?

Good luck with the next chapter in your life!


Thanks @exhaust for reblogging my post 😇