The Trail Run Update: Silvermine Nature Reserve, by @zo3d


My trail runs have been few and far between since the weathers been getting colder and much wetter, so finding dedicated mountain running partners gets tricky. But last Sunday we managed to do a decent trail run in between cold fronts.

3BB8CB91-DC1A-4932-B022-34C5F00AED17.jpeg Proposed route in red with the detour in orange

We usually do a 6km loop in this area, but we have been talking about doing an extended run or around 8 kilometres. I tracked down the map of the route we had talked about and we set a time and managed to get 3 of us ladies together for the run.


We set off from Gate 2 of the Silvermine Nature Reserve. This reserve is only 15 minutes from home and is now becoming my local spot for trail running and hiking. The more I get to know it, the more I love it. You’ve just got to be careful these parts as muggings are a hazard of walking alone. Hence the group.

We headed down the jeep track and took the first fork to the right which initially takes you down hill and around a small peak. It then quite quickly turns up hill and the run slowed to a walk for all 3 of us. I use on new routes because it shows all available paths.


The views in the morning light of the sun skimming the tops of the mountains was a sight to behold. These mountains aren’t high enough to get any snow but they certainly catch the rain and cold weather.

As we got reasonably high up on the hill my friend spotted a sign that said that the small single track was the advised route back to gate 2. This didn’t seem to be the path we had planned to use but we went that way anyway.


The morning due soaked us through and my socks were wet from brushing against the fynbos plants on the path.


We hadn’t seen a single person until we went around the the top of Maiden Peak and found 1 lady running alone (brave chick!). She confirmed the path went back towards the main jeep track and before we knew it we were back on that right hand fork.

Unfortunately this drastically shortened our run. So we decided to head up our regular route for a kilometre or so and then turn back to make up a couple kilometres.

821DF617-6451-4DDD-A060-0C33DDA9F3DB.jpeg our final route - you can see where we should have continued on and then hung a sharp left over the shoulder

The final map looks a bit strange due to our detour but we managed to complete 7.5kms in 1 hour and 3 mins.

Hopefully next week we will get to do the route that we had initially planned because I think it will actually be much more exciting and scenic.


Good bye from the girls!!!


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You sure are a good example setter.


That's a nice run! Man, if I had to run for anything other than the bathroom or the ice cream man I think I'd die. I can ride my bike forever and ever and ever, but running would be the end of me. Good for you!