Getting better, getting stronger, getting faster - consistent improvement, by @zo3d


Since September last year I’ve been on a health journey after the lockdown wrecked my good habits and set me back in my weight and fitness.

In the past I have always been active and generally healthy so when the hard lockdown hit it was rough.

To be honest my weight had been creeping up slowly since 2019 and my activity had been limited by a crazy work schedule so lockdown wasn’t the only reason for my health decline. Hitting the awesome age of 40 seemed to contribute to all these changes too.

But this Summer has been a defining one for me! If you read my smoothie blogs you will get a good idea of what I’ve done and how I’ve got here.


Last night I went on another run around my neighbourhood and I am really proud of the time a managed to accomplish. Initially I was planning on walking but my enthusiasm and competitive nature got the best of me and I managed to run most of the route.


I’m still at a run / walk level of fitness but thankfully am now running a lot more than walking and only using the walk as a short recovery period. I hope to get to the point of running the entire route in future.

Park Runs haven’t opened back up in South Africa yet, so guess I’ll stick to my own 5km route regularly and try to improve my time.

Which stats would you like to see? I’m not sure what is helpful.

I have also just joined a ladies trail running group so I’m looking forward to posting those runs here real soon.

Thanks for following this little journey with me!


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Whoa, 5km a day? I can't even run 1km non stop. I gotta push myself more


Hi zo3d,

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Keeping the body moving is an excellent posture to improve both physical and spiritual health. Nice post, thanks for sharing with us.

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That's awesome. Running would kill me, but I could ride my bike forever; I like to get out for a lunchtime ride when I can - I try for a few days a week.

Like you I'm a big fan of smoothies afterward too, but I don't like to clean it up. 😂 I find a dollup of yogurt over fruit works for me, and clean up is easier 😃


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Nice work!

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