Introduction to the exhaust community I am solymi a photographer and filmmaker and I love climbing, by @solymi

Hey everyone! I am a passionate free climber and boulderer. I love the feeling of overcoming your fears and just climb up. Hope to see a lot of climbing content in this community.

Since there is a lockdown in austria all the climbing gyms are closed, this is the place where I go to do some training when the weather is good.

20201213 15.51.42.jpg

This is a wall in the park right behind my house in Vienna if the weather allows it I go here as often as I can. The wall is only 2,5 m high but you can traverse about 20m which is a really challenging route I would grade it about 7a (fontain bleau scala)

20190322 09.58.18.jpg

20200407 18.33.30.jpg

This is me trying to top a boulder in Tirol

20190623 15.47.31.jpg

20190623 15.49.53.jpg This is a crag 45 minutes outside of Vienna, I am very happy that there is such abundance in climbing possibilities around and in the city

20200714 14.13.41.jpg

20200714 14.13.56.jpg

Well this was my introduction, and hit me up should you come to Vienna! Do not forget to pack your climbing shoes!

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Love this. I got in to indoor bouldering a few years ago and have dipped in and out of it since. Haven’t yet gathered the courage to try outdoor climbing yet but your pictures make it look amazing. Lets hope things can open up again soon and we can get back to our hobbies!