My first triathlon, by @rthelly

I was up bright and early at 5:30am this morning for my first ever triathlon. I had entered the olympic distance at Tallington Lakes in 2020 but when that got cancelled it rolled over to 2021.

It is a really well organised event held on a holiday park and the surrounding area.

The swim was a 1500m loop in a fresh water lake. The water temp was a comfortable 17 degrees and I wore my wetsuit for extra buoyancy. I had always been scared of triathlons because of the mass starts and a fear of getting dunked/swam over/grabbed etc but this year involved a staggered start with someone entering the water every 5 seconds so this was much less scary. The swim took me 30 minutes, I jogged to transition, struggled out of the wetsuit, put on my helmet, shoes and ran off with my bike.

The bike loop was 46km. I haven’t put nearly enough effort in to my bike training so this was always going to be the hard bit for me. I felt pretty good for the first 30km and then crashed a little for the remainder. The hill near the end felt twice as hard as the hill near the start! The route was really nice, all country roads through villages and fields. The roads were really quiet, 90% of the route was flat and the weather was perfect for cycling. The bike leg took 1hr 42mins in total and when I dismounted I could instantly feel how tired my legs were. Fortunately I had managed to take on a whole 750ml of Mountain Fuel during the ride so I wasn’t low on calories.

The run was 10k around the campsite. Literally running 2.5k in one direction before turning round & running back, then doing that twice. It took about 5k for my legs to feel like mine again. People were spraying me down with their hoses so that was a big help! The run took 49mins 54 which I was really happy with on the back of my longest ever bike ride + a swim. I sprinted across the finish line and then promptly threw up!

Hardest thing I have ever done. Give me a ultra marathon any day!

Chip time 3hrs 07. 9th lady. Chip time 3:07. 9th Lady.

1.184 HBD







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Wow, well done! Great that it could happen now. Looks like more events are happening as we go on. Throwing up at the end is not great, but must have still felt good to finish :)

You deserve a rest now.



Fantastic! I did a triathlon a few years back and it was a very rewarding experience for sure. I'm looking forward to doing one again in the future.

I wore my wetsuit for extra buoyancy

I thought you weren't allowed to do that... It wasn't allowed in the one I was in.

The pack starts always bothered me as well and we didn't have staggered starts like yours (which I think is a great idea) i just went about 20 meters to the left of everyone else. This meant I had to swim an additional 40 meters or so but the lack of hands and feet flailing in my direction was worth it!


Nice work @rthelly really strong run leg after your longest bike and swim. Congratulations, and awesome work.