Running while drunk: Don't tell me what I can't do, by

The other day we had a pretty big blowout of drinks. It was a solid 9 hours of drinking in a row and it included several B52's and me and a friend race drinking Long Island Ice Teas. Let's just say that everyone was really really tipsy and that is putting it lightly.

At some point during the day that turned into night I talked to someone about how I used to belong to a group of friends who appreciate beer that would go drunk running on a regular basis. I don't even remember who I was talking to but I think I suggested that I would run a 5k that night after everyone went home. The person in question told me that "there's no way you could do that."

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Now there are a lot of aspects of my personality and some of them aren't very good. One is that I can be extremely stubborn and also don't like people telling me what I can and can not accomplish. So I don't know exactly how many drinks I had in that 9 hours, I would say at least 20 but then, just because someone told me I "can't do it" and I am a stubborn person, I went out to prove them wrong. I was going to do a 5k, no matter what.


When I set out on my run I had my tunes in my ears, the streets were empty and I almost immediately felt like this was definitely a bad idea, but I am also very stubborn so I churned along, probably already severely dehydrated before I even took the first couple of steps.

By the time I hit 5k I thought I would rub salt into the wound of the person who told me that I can't do it and decided to do another 5k on top of the first one.


These are not great times and just as expected I started out significantly faster than when I was halfway through. I stopped to walk on a regular basis and at times i nearly fell down - which is something I have done many times before when I would do drunk runs in the past. This time I was a bit more aware of my surroundings and was really not interested in paying to have my phone screen replaced again. I didn't fall down at all.

By the time I got home I was drenched in sweat, in serious need of water, and fell asleep very easily which is something that likely would have happened even without the run but just because of all the booze.

I'd like to say that this tactic actually curbed my hangover a bit, but that was not the case at all. If anything it made it a lot worse. The good news is that by burning 1000 calories I don't feel anywhere near as guilty about my over consumption as I normally would.

Do I recommend this tactic to other people? Absolutely not. It's dangerous and depending on where you live in the world and how insane the laws are it may even be illegal. I only did it because someone told me that I couldn't. So for all of you normies out there maybe one day you should try to do something that someone tells you that you are incapable of. I believe that physical achievement is all a state of mind and even though my split times were garbage, I am actually really happy that I did this.

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A drinking club with a running problem :)

For your stubbornness, not for your cleverness :)

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Hi dear friend. It was exciting to read the happenings and also it's about 2 weeks I'm thinking about running after drinking, but you're recommendation was really great 😁👍

So good to see your activitie and on the whole the community of EXHAUST. I wanted to ask would you mind to guide me how to sign up or log in to the community. I have strava as well. I tried to login in exhaust website, but I couldn't know which password is needed or totally what to do. Is there any article or video for guiding? If so, may you please send the link for me? Thank you so much 🙏


That sounded like a terrible idea...I hope you recover ok though.