Losing weight: You gotta keep your boozing in check, by @normie.fitness

One of the major reasons why I refer to myself as "normie fitness" is because I do not have the devotion or desire to have the devotion to totally dedicate my life to fitness. I made some minor tweaks to my life including and especially diet and then later bit by bit I added more and more exercise. This resulted in me losing over 50 lbs or 23 kg or so in the course of about 15 months. I have also kept it off.

One of the major pitfalls for me and the reason why I still have a bit of a gut (much smaller than before) is because of the fact that there are certain things that I refuse to completely remove from my day-to-day life. For some people it could be bread but for me it is my good friend beer.

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/aa/75/6b/aa756b517c16290157e10ab123eab299.jpg src

While there are a lot of ways that you can end up with a physique like the picture above there is a reason why, at least in English, that this is commonly referred to as a "beer belly" and honestly, I have never met someone that had a "beer belly" that wasn't a regular drinker. I am sure they are out there but I don't know them because very few of the people I regularly hang out with aren't also drinkers.

Beer is likely the worst thing you can consume if you are trying to lose weight and this is no mystery to anyone out there. There are things that are worse like Coca-Cola and other sugary drinks but let's be realistic: Drinking a 12 pack of beer is very common for people but I have never met someone that is going to pound a case of soda-pop multiple times a week.

Before I made the change in my life to lose some weight and be more fit I would say that I was drinking 12 beers a day almost every day of the week. I know this is terrible for me and it is why I ended up looking (and feeling) the way that I did.

78857628<em>441425419855739</em>4686808698696237056_n.jpg I was more like a "beer body" guy than a beer gut guy

While I still do drink beer almost every day of the week, I have learned to keep it in check and my consumption is probably still well beyond what most fitness people's consumption is like but now I have a program of unless it is a special occasion, I limit my intake to 6 bottles or less per day. I know that still sounds like a lot but hear me out.

bia-san-miguel-light-330ml-201901150937437834.jpg src

This stuff is a miracle worker as far as losing weight and still being a booze-hound is concerned. The caloric difference is only about 30% less than a full-flavored lager but it has 1/5 the amount of carbohydrates in it. I am a believing (and living proof) that carbohydrates are the enemy a lot more so than calories are as far as weight loss is concerned. This is particularly true when we are talking about empty calories and if there was ever a product that is more empty than beer as far as the calories are concerned, I don't know of any bigger culprit that beer.

There is also the demotivating aspect of excessive boozing that has at many times, even after I made the change in my life, that booze had a detrimental affect on me outside of the carbs and calories and that is the special little thing I have experiences many many many times in my life that is known as a hangover.

10896253<em>10205706735938279</em>7851892721807386407_o.jpg this was back when i weighed around 230 lbs and am probably "hair of the dog" - ing it in this very photo. I look like hell and I can assure you, I felt that way too.

Even though I have been dedicated to daily exercise and diet since around late 2018 I do, every now and then, overdo it on the suds and even though I advise other people on how to lose weight and stay motivated, I will admit, sometimes the headache and feelings of nausea are so intense the day after a session that I can't get my ass in gear.

To make matters even worse, one of the age-old "cures" for hangovers is one of two things (or both.) Eating really terrible greasy food and in some cases, drinking again so that once you are drunk again, you no longer feel the hangover. Obviously either of these, and especially both combined, is absolutely terrible for your progress.

So while I realize that I am speaking some obvious truths here the system I have found that works for me is simply to have a "limit" that is not going to result in me getting a hangover. For me, this number is 6 or 7. This might seem like a crazy high amount to some people, but we are all built different. If I have 6 beers and then go home, I normally drink a bunch of water before bed and then wake up feeling fine. If I go on a bender, I likely drink little to no water and probably just pass out thereby ensuring that the next day is going to be BAD NEWS.

So if you are like me and beer is a regular part of your life but you also don't want to be a giant fat ass, find your limit and also switch to a low carb beer. I have found that the avoidance of hangovers is one of the best things I ever did for weight loss because even though I am getting around 600 empty calories in my day-to-day, it is really easy to exercise that off. Also the fact that my brand of choice results in a total of less than 18 carbs in a day, it is almost a non-issue (one piece of bread has about that much carbs in it!)

combo fatty.jpg You can drink regularly and still lose weight, as the montage above tells, but you just gotta be a bit more clever about it

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I also call myself normie because I lack the desire to do exercise, looking for change of habits now.


Life needs to be a balance of what you enjoy and what is good for you. I was never a massive drinker, but I did develop a bit of a gut. I think it's been largely exercise that got rid of that, but I try to eat fairly healthily. It's very easy to get into bad habits of eating junk food and not exercising. Netflix and swill?

Stay well and have a !BEER.


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Carbs are a killer, for sure. And yep, it's definitely difficult to exercise in a day filled with other activities, and a person has to enjoy life, too!

Michelob Ultra has become my "goto" beer for the same reasons you listed; low calories and low carbs.