Morning bike ride! And my swim in the river ;), by @iliyan90

Start of the day...

I started my day after having my coffee at the gas station, after that doing a bike ride with Guru for just about 10 miles.


I when for a ride around the river and I did a swim with Guru few times. Throwing her stones in the river so she can run in the water. It’s definitely harder in a water as we know so it’s better for her to devalope muscles this way. Now once I have my bike I’m very happy because I can explore more around the village.



Morning selfie ;)


And here she is. I’m stepping into the middle of the river so I can troll her stones in the circle around me. Easy way to get her tired and make a good workout for her.


Bike ride trip.

Here I would like to ask for any recommendations for apps and that get mapped your bike rides? Currently I’m using “MapMyRide”


The time showing is much more than that I actually was riding because I have to turn off the app if I’m stopping but I did not.


Don't forget never is too late to start your Yoga journey!

My grandmother at the age of 75 started! I've been so happy with her doing some practice she way my number 1 student after Tammie Brown ;) But after a while, she didn't find any time to do any because of her TV shows. More than 6-7 hours a day of TV AND Another 4/5 on the Tablet scrolling through Facebook.


Complete series for beginners! Link down below.

Also, I'm gonna be helping anyone with their practice absolutely free on my side. Just upload your video practice to @threespeak share it on your social media Twitter or Facebook by expressing gratitude to me as a Yoga teacher. And didn't forget to tag me in the description of your video so I can see it. You can also use the #posh that's supported by many people like @theycallmedan on the front line.

And here it is a great opportunity to share with your friends how doing a practice with a private tips from me to improve and progress faster and just by using the #Hive #blockchain you are earning tokens on top of that!

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Hello again! I use an app called "Cobike" It's on Google Play, It works for Me and I have been using it for awhile! And.. Congrats on the bike! 🚴 I did a few miles today Myself! 👍🏼😁🚴😁👍🏼