Earth Grounding Yoga - 30 Minute Elemental Flow, by @howtobelight


This is the first video in the new Blissasana Elemental Bliss Yoga Series - a 5 video series available exclusively on my online studio with a monthly membership at!

Get ready to ground down and bliss up, with this rooted remixed vinyasa flow that starts at slow and steady, mimicking the stability of the earth element. We focus on your foundational yoga poses like downward facing dog and get rooted in postures like malasana and goddess which are primal in nature and reminiscent of the movement patterns of our ancestral roots.
This 30 minute class will root you firmly into the ground and encourage stability in your physical body and emotional center, perhaps even reminding you of the importance of staying grounded in spiritual pursuits.
Try this video and if you want to move forward to explore my Water, Fire, Air, and Space videos, become a Blissasana monthly member! You'll get your first two weeks free of access to stream premium Blissasana Yoga content including the Elemental Bliss series and the 21 Day Self-Discovery Yoga Program.

Elemental Bliss - a Blissasana yoga program where I guide you through 5 practices, each focusing on the 5 elements of nature- earth, water, fire, air, and space to bring balance in your yoga practice and energy!

Thanks for practicing with me!

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I'm driving back home today and will be on the road all day -- in dire need of some yoga by day end. I'm gonna check this out tonight! Will let you know how it goes!