6 Laps of Bear Lake for his first ride - Wednesday, by @flemingfarm

Yesterday morning I got to work on the bike trailer right away. The tires needed airing, the seat needed to be mounted again, the windows had to be cleaned, I blew it off with the compressor, and I put a small rope to hold the tool pouch. After testing it connected to my bike everything looked good. I loaded up both bikes and the trailer then gathered food and waters and then loaded the boys up and we drove the 3 miles north to the lake.


We set out from the parking lot and J did fantastic. He picked up riding the bike in such short time and had no problems keeping up with me. We rode the first loop around the lake and then rode through the water covered area which turned out to be the wrong choice. I had to go through a couple deeper spots that got the bottom of the trailer wet, you can see the wet trails behind us. It didn't get too much water in the trailer which drained and dried quickly.

For our first lap I had not started Strava but I did for the rest of the laps.

IMG<em>20210421</em>113530.jpg IMG<em>20210421</em>113534.jpg IMG<em>20210421</em>113540.jpg

R was fairly comfy and once he learned to look ahead at the oncoming cracks he learned to brace for the bumps so they weren't so jarring.

IMG<em>20210421</em>114025.jpg IMG<em>20210421</em>114039.jpg

It was a nice and sunny day wit ha slightly cool breeze around the lake and in the shade.


After the water ride we chose to go up and around the water. The trail climbs a couple of rises before leveling off then dropping back to the parking area.


J did really well and was able to ride up almost every hill, the only ones he couldn't was starting from a stand still on the hill.


We did 4.5 laps of the lake which is about 1.3 miles around the loop before stopping at the playground to eat and then let the boys run for a while.

IMG<em>20210421</em>120956.jpg IMG<em>20210421</em>121142.jpg

After eating and letting them play we got on the bikes again and did another 2.5 laps of the lake. We ended up going over 7 miles, which for his first ride was pretty damned good. My but is sore today from the first ride I have done in years, that damned hard seat, but I feel good otherwise.

I missed recording the first lap but this is the rest of them.


Back at the farm I found my Cascade Hops plants are all blowing up nicely so I set the smaller tripod in the middle of them to give them something to climb so the can reach the taller tripod.

IMG<em>20210421</em>141153.jpg IMG<em>20210421</em>141205.jpg

I got all the irrigation turned on around the farm and tested both halves of the main garden, replacing about 25 drippers that had snapped off.

In the evening I took the boys to Scouts where they ran around even more. Ahh the energy of children...

Today I have the rest of the plastic to pull out and cover the garden, finish the irrigation checks, prep the farm for the rain coming this weekend, I need to get the weed eater running as it will be needed soon, and I'm likely going to have to cajole the boys into putting their clothes away since they are so reluctant.

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I was thinking, all that bike riding, playing, then scouts. Whew!


After that ride I don't know if I would have the energy to do all that work on the homestead.