EXHAUST is back in action -- and ONLY on HIVE, by @exhaust


A quick update about a couple things...

Because I know we're alll suuuuper busy being stuck at home all day

As you can see, EXHAUST is back up and running after the chain-split. Some people, for reasons unknown to me, have decided to stick around the original STEEM blockchain, while others have made their way over here to the shiny red beast know as HIVE. I've seen various posts about Steemit censoring posts over there (though, I think it's just a UI thing -- so whatever) and downvoting dissent into oblivion.

Regardless -- my decision to keep things on HIVE is partly due to not agreeing with how things are running, or are likely to run over on STEEM, but mostly due to me being lazy and not wanting to support two chains for now. If things settle down over there and it maintains as a viable blockchain, I'll consider revisiting. For now, I'm pulling all my STEEM and converting to HIVE.

A couple minor updates here on EXHAUST:

  • All new activity posts now get posted to the EXHAUST community (hive-176853, or something like that).

I'm going to try to make better use of the EXHAUST community. If you'd like to have a cool fitness related blog post considered for reblogging and upvoting -- it'll be easiest for me to find it if you post it to the community -- or even CROSS-post from other places into here.

This also has the added benefit of keeping everyones personal blog-history a bit cleaner.

  • All daily newsletter posts ALSO get posted to the EXHAUST community.

I'm going to try to leave the most recent one pinned up at the top -- this is a good place for reporting bugs and suggestions for me to find (and probably ignore for weeks / months before working on).

  • I've re-enabled activity types Yoga and Strength .

Considering we're all staying at home and don't have a lot of extra space to move around, lets do some stationary stuff. Thanks to @lordcarlo297 for the reminder / suggestion. You should now be able to see these when you go to the pulldown in the "Log Activity" page:


I believe the only parameter that matters for now is duration of your activity. I'll work on getting leaderboards going for these and incorporate into the daily newsletters. If anyone has any cool ideas on how to quantify / analyze these types of activities (so you can see if you're performing better/worse) -- let me know!

  • Daily delegation payouts, and weekly exercise payouts should now be functional again.

Apologies for the delay on this one -- but there was some python-patching required, but then @holger80 came back like a phoenix rising from the ashes to update his wonderful beem python library, and made life substantially easier.

  • I'm looking into why the homepage at xhaust.me is running so slow.

I think it's getting hung up on some API calls. I'm going to try to fix it this weekend. For now -- please have patience when logging in / out.

I think that's probably all for now? Maybe? I've probs forgotten something. Doesn't really matter though. Stay tuned for more -- like others, I'm feeling re-inspired to continue progressing my project now after the chain split.

Cheers! Keep moving! Stay healthy!


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This is excellent! Well done @exhaust! I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things.


Thanks for the update! Take care there as well!!!


Nothing can stop a consistent Runner. @runningproject

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Nice work. Good idea to have Blogs and Activity separated...will also need to be adding my Yoga work to exhaust.


hi guys :D