Bodyweight Workout - Calisthenics - No Equipment Needed!, by @edprivat

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Sup Hivers!

So my buddy @angryman posted about the importance of working out for your mental health , and I wanted to make a video that kinda responds to what he was saying, I really enjoyed his honesty and sense of humour on that matter, working out is a part of keeping my mind healthy and sharp so I totally agree with his viewpoint

It reminded me of how people stop going to the gym and and I wanted to show in a quick video that it's actually possible to workout from home without equipment, or gym membership.

Music by @lyon89, thanks for letting me use your awesome track!

Don't worry, my channel won't become focused on fitness only, but I just wanted to do something different ^^ and share my daily routine.

I will add subtitles in the future to make sure we can understand the French accent and the mumbling :D


Workout: - 20 to 50 Pushups - or 20 x elevated 1 arm pushups (on each arm) - 20 upside down pushups - 10 or 20 dips - 10 pullups - 10 chinups

RInce and repeat 4 to 8 times.

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My workout at home tends to involve a shovel or a rake... 😀


An interesting upper body, free-hand workout video @edprivet. It made me smile.


Now, that's is exactly the type of setting that allows a person to really get into a good workout. I've never been to a typical gym to work out, too many distractions. There are so many ways to keep the body fit. I find that just doing things around the farm is workout enough for me. When I do certain things, like splitting wood, shoveling, cutting the grass, felling trees, and so many other activities that require physical exercise, rather than just exercising I might as well accomplish something that needs to be done. The beauty of staying fit is that it can be accomplished in so many ways, the real key to staying in good shape is getting your ass up off of the couch and being active.