Cycling tip 1 (Always check your tyres), by @ebingo


Yesterday I fell while riding my bike not too far away from my house.

I got up and brushed myself up and hoped no one was looking.

I'm glad no one saw me because If they did they would start making all those "I pity you" sounds that make for good self-pity and I wouldn't have biked in peace.

Or they would have laughed and tried to shame me...unfortunately, shame is an emotion I handle well.


What did I learn from yesterday?

It had been weeks since I last biked, you can check my workout log ever since the election in Anambra made the environment a little unsafe I have been working out in my room with push-ups.

Yesterday was supposed to be the breakthrough workout for me after those weeks of being indoors and I went out and had injuries. I buried my elbow and my ankle.

I didn't pump my tyres or check them at all When I was falling it felt like my bike was tilted too much too quick at an angle.

Mind you I have fallen on my bike...never off it. My legs are always quick to catch me...but with my tyres at an abnormal flattening, it was hard to anticipate when I was going down.

Also, I think the main metallic wheel might have scared the floor a bit. I might be wrong about this or if I am right then I need a tyre change.

Side tip I needed to ease into the riding and not navigate sharp bends so quickly. I feel I would have realized my tires were out if I had continued the journey a little further.

ﹰHope to share more tips with you!!

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Oh am sorry for that incident, it's really important to always check out our things to as well know how well it's.


Lol,make them no see you ooo. Sorry you hear😁