Monday Body Gains, 22 June, by @dave-estates


Hello everyone, I'm new here and i find the activities here really aggrandizing.

I'm a fitness freak and I so love body building. There are so many fitness coach out there that really inspires me.


To maintain physical distancing and avoid gathering as stipulated by the government in my town, I had to make my own local gym with cement concrete. Local huh?


But the weight is really worth it. Fitness lovers, lets go on a 30days body building exercise and see what what the result will be like. Remember, no pains, no gains. That's always the watch word

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Yo! Welcome to EXHAUST! Very cool that you made your own gym.

There's a few people here that are into strength training as well, but I haven't seen many people talk about body-building.

Slowly (very slowly) working on updating our project to have more useful stats for strength / weight training.

Glad to see you around! Cheers!