💦Leg Day! MBF Lower Body Burn Workout! Week 2 💦, by @crystalpacheco30

💪Lower Body Burn Workout Week 2💪

Today was Leg Day. Continuing doing the hybrid of MBF workouts and 21 day fix. Its Week 2, so the workouts will be more intense this week. Today was a tough one as you will see with the gifs below. Leg day is a struggle for me, but I am still pushing through! Even though this was more intense as than last week, I did not give up, but I tell myself what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!

🏋️‍ Sumo Squat Time Yay!🏋️‍


One move I love in this whole routine are the Sumo Squats! It is still challenging but I love to do a move that I don’t hate. It’s a lot easier to do when you love it!

So Why Do I Love Sumo Squats?

Well, the quick answer is because it’s the easy move in the workout. When I first started doing weight training this was one of the moves I could do the easiest(and regular squats of course), so when this specific move came up, I thought to myself, yes I got this move! Leg Days are always a challenge so it was nice to have a move that didn't feel like it was killing me.


😨Hip Thrusts(Weighted bridges)?! Yikes Feel This One! 😨


One move I felt was challenging was the hip thrusts. Every time I do this move , I'm like here comes the hard move! This is not an easy move for me at all!

Why Do I Hate Hips Thrusts?

My least favorite move to do for Leg day would be Hip thrusts. I call them weighted bridges for some reason in this program, shes called it hip thrusts. My range of motion isn’t the best with this move. I have always struggled with this move in general, so I have a strong dislike for them. When you are plus size it's a lot of booty to move up and down lol It was really hard but I did it. Even though done this move multiple times it is still challenging!


My Final Thoughts On Day MBF Lower Body Burn Workout!


Well, that was a hard one! It was very challenging, especially with the all the sets for Block rounds. That was not easy! I did 8 pounds for sumo squats, regular squats, side lunges, db deadlifts,hip thrust, alt single leg l sit and rdl. Rdl is basic half deadlift , she has you hold 1 weight instead of 2. It's you get use to the movement and get you ready when you do a regulare deadlift later in the program. Did 5 pounds for rest of the moves. Glad I was able to do 8s for a good part of the moves! The added challenge was brutal, she has these short cardio moves after each block and it was tough! However, I shall not give up, no matter how hard it gets!


🌟Woohoo I Survived the Workout🌟

I may be wiped out, but I am glad I finished. Even though I had to take a few breaks. At the end of the day, I finished my workout at my pace and did the best I can! I may not break any records but I am one step closer to achieving my goal to be at a more healthy weight!



Are you doing any workouts or following a certain workout program?

Are you just doing a cardio program?

Does it involve weights or a mixture of both?

Let me know in the comments!

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