Trying to maintain fitness in America, by @cryptosneeze

Oh boy, I knew this was going to be a challenge but I had no idea it was going to be this much of a challenge. This was meant to be a sit-rep but after writing I've realised it's just a huge rant. Enjoy!

1280px-Heart<em>Attack</em>Grill,<em>Las</em>Vegas<em>-</em>Logo.jpeg How non Americans view all American food outlets

When I found out I was going to be spending two months in the US I pictured two scenarios: I was either going to work with people that would make gym visits and healthy eating a priority, or work with people that make going out drinking and eating American fast food a priority. Of course it ended up being the latter.


The first thing I noticed about this country is that unless you're cooking from scratch it's a serious struggle to eat clean. Opening a premade salad you're greeted with more grated cheese than actual lettuce. And in the case of Walmart salad corn chips! Who thought doritos is acceptable in salad?!

IMG<em>20210911</em>184413__01.jpg After this month I hope I never see one of these ever again

Because my only means of cooking is a microwave I've found myself depending on lean cuisine and life cuisine "TV dinners". They aren't filling and I suspect the salt content is huge, but they're keeping me away from the drive thrus.


That's diet covered. Now on to the next issue. The gym we've been given access to has very limited hours and seems to close for every public holiday (which seems to be a weekly thing here). Plus because of the virus that shall not be named, they only allow 50 minute slots for workouts. Anyone that has done 5x5 stronglifts before knows that's about an hour too short, so I've had to return to my old "chest, back, legs, auxiliaries" days.

Metric vs Imperial

I don't mind converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, but I am so bored of having to use Google to work out how much weight I'm lifting. I'm used to lifting kilograms in multiples of 5 which is nice and easy to mentally add up. Here adding lbs to a 20kg bar results in seemingly random numbers. For example my 5x5 best in overhead press is 47.5kg, my next step is 50kg. The closest I can get in lbs is 51.75kg equivalent.

18300.jpeg Come on America, sort it out Img source:

I get that the increments work if you use lbs your entire life, but for a visitor it makes life very difficult.


I haven't weighed myself since being out here and to be honest I'd rather not. I knew that I would put on weight from the drinking (I'm a Brit in America, its compulsory to go out every weekend). But looking in the mirror, damn.

I can't wait to have access to a kitchen again.

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