First lifting failures of the year, but two new PBs!, by @cryptosneeze

What a month. After some worrying about if I'm ever going to get stronger it finally happened. 115kg Squats have been reached, and the brick wall that was 47.5kg shoulder press has been smashed. Onwards and upwards!

Screenshot_20210603-121634.jpg A very gappy month

I got a new job and moved to new accommodation which made it difficult to get to the gym. However a big part of building muscle is rest and it seems to have done the trick.


Progress is definitely slowing though and I have started logging failures. Next session for example will be 102.5kg as the 115kg was too much. The other lifts will also soon have to drop but I'm hopeful that once I've worked back up to my max I'll be able to power through to a new PB.


Analysing my squat form shows I'm lifting my legs before my hips causing me to lean forwards and force my back to take more weight to catch up. It's not extreme but after a squat session I feel as if I've done deadlift.

Common suspects are weak hip flexors and glutes. Something I've been told by my physio before. I think it's time to swap to front squats while I use machines to address my hip weakness. After a few weeks I'll return to back squats and see if there's improvement.


Belt update!

Oh my god this thing pinches at me so bad. Doing squats in it I could feel the support on my back, but during the initial lowering into the squat the pinch hurts so much that it distracts me from the rest of the lift. After a workout my sides are bruised for the rest of the week.

I'm considering replacing it for a fabric based belt with a velcro strap in the hopes a new one helps not hinders.

I'm looking forward to next week where I should have some exciting news about getting access to a private gym. This will be a huge help as my public gym is extremely busy.

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nice improvements buddy! I like that graph, did you make it yourself?