First 10 sessions of the year complete, by @cryptosneeze

And the effect of not training for a year is becoming more and more obvious as I approach my old PBs.

I've managed to stick to the program well except for the one weekend that I travelled home. The logs below that show me working out without a rest day is the result of me going to the gym after midnight. Yep, the gym is still crazy busy in the day.


Lets talk progress!

So far so good, no failures yet . And some workouts I've felt confident enough to jump an increment. The drop in barbell row weight was a mistake in math and me not noticing until writing this article, no wonder the last workout was so easy. 🤦‍♂️


Where do I go from here?

As hopeful as those lines look, I can feel myself getting very close to my limits. My form on my squats is starting to slip already and my lower back is suffering for it. I suspect I'm going to be hovering around 100kg for a while. The 110kg PB pre-covid feels very far away but my form back (heheh) then was shocking .

Bench press still feels like I have a lot more left to give, but definitely not the 82.5kg of last year. 75kg maybe? We'll see. Hopefully in a month or two I can have a spotter again.


I have a secret weapon! I found 2.5kg increments were sometimes too much of a jump so started using these 0.5kg weights. This way I can potentially get an extra two workouts in before failure and having to deload. I've been using them on squats but these things are going to be life savers on bench and overhead too.

Lifting belt?

Screenshot<em>20210503-154543</em>_01.jpg I really wish I bought a velcro one though, I feel like I'm in between notches

Due to reaching my limit on squats I've been considering using my weight lifting belt. It's such a contended issue online, some people swear by them, some people say they're unnecessary unless you're competing. Personally I think I'm going to use mine on PBs only. If I fail and deload I won't use it until I'm back at my PB so that I'm not dependant on it.

What do you guys think of weight lifting belts?

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