Rained out - Sunday, by @flemingfarm

I drove north bright and early yesterday morning and after picking Art up at his place we hiked into the crag. We got to the base of the wall, unpacked our packs, and it started to rain. The rain got harder as the storm moved in and we quickly decided our day was not going to involve climbing.

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We scrambled back down the talus to the cave and dropped our packs before wandering the boulders and hillside. Since we couldn't climb we went and explored. We climbed the hill to the side of the main wall and found a way up to the top of the wall.


This spot we stopped at was great, we could see a big roof section of the wall that we have been eyeing for years. The goal is to get a bolt ladder drilled out it so we have a place to hang our portaledges that is in free air.


The rain made the talus tricky and slick and as it kept raining and we got more and more soaked we finally decided to call it and headed back to his place.


This tree had fallen on the hillside and it was MASSIVE. Well over 3 feet diameter the tree had been damned old to get so large. It rotted and then fell over in one of the recent wind storms. There were a number of rotten trees that had fallen around the wall and lake.


We went to town and got food and beer then spent the afternoon playing Mortal Kombat which I haven't played in YEARS. Today it is clear and sunny, of course, and I have plenty of chores around the farm to work on. Tomorrow I am heading back up to his place so that we might be able to get his sail boat in the water for the maiden voyage. About all he needs to do is get the depth sounder installed and it should be good to go. I look forward to fishing the Columbia river, there is some BIG fish in there.

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I'd been wondering when we might get some of those proverbial April showers, and yesterday was the day. Sorry your plans got messed up, but it appears that you made the best of it and still had a good day.


Sad to see huge old trees come down....