Lions Head Hike, by @l0tti3

When I lived in the UK I used to walk or run every day. I had a border collie who was full of energy and needed to go out daily, so this made me get out and exercise.

560980<em>10151313722028332</em>1082720472<em>n</em>10151313722028332.jpg (my dog at the back and my parents dog at the front)

Since being in South Africa I haven't done as much walking or running and I've been desperate to get back in to it.

I do home aerobic exercises but no cardio!


So this weekend my husband and I finally got out and did a hike (or half hike - we struggled) up Lions Head in Cape Town.

We wanted to get going at 8:30am but my little boy is teething and was up through the night and so we overslept. We finally arrived at 10:30am.


It was a beautifully clear and sunny day, but not too hot. Perfect conditions for a hike.

The trail was busy and lots of people were already returning from their hike.

We took our 5 month old son with us, luckily my husband carried him. He was definitely the youngest out walking that day and got lots of "aww how cute".



The views as we ascended were so lovely, we could see for miles.

My husband and I enjoyed walking and talking but we did struggle somewhat as we (as I said above) haven't hiked for so long. We only made it about half way and then tuned around.

Hopefully next time we will make it all the way up.




On our way back down the views were just as good.


This fynbos was recently burnt in a wildfire. Interestingly, fynbos needs fire to germinate. It acts as a mineralising agent.


We saw lots of wildlife and flowers along the way. Birds, a mouse, bugs, impressive spiders webs (luckily not their inhabitants) and more.


Spot the butterfly....


Our under used legs ached afterwards but we really enjoyed our hike. We will definitely do it again soon. We decided we will try and get out hiking often and try other routes.

There are so many to chose from... Watch this space!

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All pictures are my own and canva

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Hats off for taking your five month old with you! The view half way up looks gorgeous, can't imagine what it will be like when you get to the top.

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Iā€™m so glad you did it!!! Well done.


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