A Walk on the Hill - My Second #WednesdayWalk Post, by @long888

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Hello everyone, welcome to my second post under #WednesdayWalk, this time we did a more rigid walk as we tried walking up the hill although the length of time was made shorter compared to last week's activity. As usual I was with my beloved wife, my partner, my friend, my caregiver, my mom, sometimes my enemy😀, and above all my forever love.


We both find the need to have an exercise in order to stay fit and healthy and as you can see in the photos both of us are overweight already and now continuously taking medicines as daily maintenance for high blood pressure.


We are hoping to loose weight and eventually keep a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to #WednesdayWalk, it inspires me to continue walking for good health. Although sometimes I admit I felt tired that I could not carry on with it anymore but I'm doing my best that I can do the activity the following day.


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Anyhow, why do we need to exercise? Or take a walk at least 15 minutes every day?

As I've mentioned above me and my wife already have high blood pressure and one the most effective way of lowering it is to exercise most of the week.


Since we don't have time to go to a gym aside from its quite expensive, walking is the best alternative. And personally find a lot of advantages doing it. Fresh air with those tress and plants around giving you a perfect green view which is good for the eyes.


Walking Improves Circulation

When we grow older some of the organs of the body does not perform well anymore. And for all those organs to carry on with their respective functions there must be a constant flow of blood in your body. Since walking improves circulation it does help in energizing back all the important organs of the body which will lead back to their normal functions.

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Walking Wards off Heart Disease

When circulation is improved, it gives the heart easier task. I mean we all know that the function of our hart is to pump oxygenated blood into the body and when we exercise or walk at least 15 to 30 minutes daily we are helping our heart to get away from any diseases.

Walking Blood Pressure

This is the reason why I keep on pushing myself to take a walk every day, I wanted to lower down my blood pressure, keeping me fit and away from possible heart attack or stroke.


Walking Strengthens the Heart

When our body achieved those that I mentioned above, it makes our heart strong and be able to function normally. When your heart is healthy everything seems to follow, healthy mind, healthy lungs, kidney, liver, etc. etc.


While walking back to our home, we passed by a house with a display of some fruits outside like banana and durian. Both delicious and healthy fruits. We are about to buy durian but when they open it its not yet fully ripe so we buy banana instead.


So that's all for today's #WednesdayWalk initiated by @tattoodjay stay tuned for our next escapade, I am planning to go somewhere else so I could present a different view, hopefully next week.

*All photos are mine except those credited.



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