Wednesday Walk: Preparing For Thanksgiving, by @jadung

image.png Earlier today we went out for a walk in our neighborhood here in California. This had been a regular activity for my family every weekend when the kids are free to join us. Today it is just me and my wife we make it our priority to spend a few minutes outside to walk. The surrounding area and the view is green and refreshing making the walk more pleasing and enjoyable. image.png After walking around the neighborhood we will be preparing for the celebration of Thanksgiving tomorrow. We have no idea yet what to cook or what sort of activity we will prepare since this is a quick notice from our friends and family. Everyone has a task to contribute and I am excited what they assigned to us for sure the kids would be taking part in the preparation. I know they will love it because they are really bored at home.

Thank you for dropping by. Thrive On Hive Jad

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Great to get out and walk and I hope that you guys have a wonderful, loving and animal cruelty free thanksgiving.