KEEP CALM AND PET A DOG? OR YOGA?, by @millycf1976

Hello Hivers!

I love animals and could never hurt any. However, there's something about dogs that I just don't get, at least till I met Wookie. <em>4110455</em>edited.jpg A GEM OF A DOG

Some of Wookie's traits and hobbies: unbothered, alert, vigilant, with a deep strong bark, as she engages her core. Wookie ensures that she gets ample rest, while doing intermittent running around and barking. She remains inactive for approximately no more than 20 minutes intervals and her main priority is doing the Downward Dog stretch for at least a minute.


If left uninterrupted, she will hold the pose for 2 minutes or more. Wookie was my perfect photography dog model for the day. It made me remember this saying: "The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of the camera." - Patrick Demarchelier.

Wookie is meticulous about her alignment, which is lovely to see, as I do practice Yoga and know how beneficial the Downward Facing Dog pose is. <em>4110503</em>edited.jpg Wookie elegantly stretches her front feet out at a comfortable distance, before she slowly elevates her anus for a complete stretch

In Yoga, some of the benefits of downward facing Dog are: - It stretches the legs, arms, spine and back. - It stretches hands, hamstring, calves, shoulders, and arches of the feet. - It brings blood flow to the brain. - It is also a resting position between poses while doing yoga.

<em>5101194</em>editedanother.jpg Hmmm, quite calming being around Wookie I must admit, but I think I'll stick to Yoga.

What about you? Have you ever wondered why some yoga poses are mimicked after animals?

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Wookie is so adorable. The link to wookie's post is so creative and excellent downward dog pose as well.


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Layla does that pose everytime she gets up


This made me smile! Wookie is an awesome ( name for a ) dog and I 100% agree: animals are indeed our best teachers.

They would never stare at screens for hours a day, to name an example ( except perhaps Hypersensitivosaurus, who shouldn't do this either )

Nice write up :<)