What Does Hive Mean To Me?, by @mad-runner

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What is HIVE to you??

Nice question, Hive is essentially the answer to a question that I was recently asking myself on the platform from which the vast majority of us come, Hive represents a new-found form of freedom of expression, the potential and the possibility of having a free rein to our thoughts, no longer having to take care (apart from a form of general respect) that our posts may be censored for future reasons.

I have seen very questionable interventions, I have seen things that I did not like at all, but my power was and is quite limited, so having to cash in without being able to react in any way is not beautiful or pleasant, I really think I will return to Hive a bit like the origins of everything ...

What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?

More than a further evolution, it would be enough for me that Hive confirmed itself, as from the first favorable impression, as a place where we can express our thoughts, develop our inclinations, do practically everything we did before, maybe why not, even better before.

What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

I candidly admit that I am not a great expert from this point of view, but I think, from what little I understood from the question you asked, that Hive needs continuous updates of its operating dynamics, and I believe that these assumptions really exist on this platform, the main ingredient that is needed in these cases is time, necessary for the various mechanisms to develop to the best of their potential and in complete harmony.

What does HIVE mean to you?

As I mentioned above, I really hope that Hive represents and embodies my ideal of freedom and concrete possibility to express my thoughts, to be able to interact in peace with other users that I have already known in * that other platform * and that I would like to continue attending without any type of problem, because being myself to the end I believe is a fundamental factor in deriving joy from what we are doing on these platforms.

See, dear @theycallmedan, how many times have I wondered for what reasons I wrote on my blog, since before Steemit I had never had such an experience, beyond the mere economic factor, which still has its indisputable importance, another great reason that drives me to fix my thoughts on this platform is the pleasure of writing for myself, to be able to have a comparison with other users, to better understand and discuss certain problems, to have indications, sometimes comfort, sometimes reassurance, what a site like Hive can provide are emotions that are difficult to find in other places, so I hope it has a very long life, because in my first 2 years of Steemit I had moments of joy and gratification that I absolutely didn't think to try, Hive will be the confirmation and continuation of everything I have tried in the recent past, maybe even compared to this past, indeed, certainly better.

With this post I intend to participate in the great initiative of our @theycallmedan.

If you too, dear Hivians, who are reading me at the moment, want to participate in this wonderful contest, which I highly recommend, you can find all the information on this post ...


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