Cycling on Weekend and Managed to Break Record In Our Community Of 33KM, by @jodipamungkas


photo by my friend

Yooo hello my fellow hivers and the whole community, Jodi Pamungkas here, how was your weekend? Are you exercising? Cycling or workout at home? Leave your comments below. Now, in this week's post, as usual, my community and I are cycling to a track that is very far away and beyond my expectation, this week it looks quite crowded compared to last week, there is an additional member named Pak Agus, we broke the record as far as 33Km and on the day This week the weather was very hot and hot. Lots of fun and funny things that we encountered on each track hahaha.


photo by me

As I said last week, waking up early is not an easy thing, around 6 am I woke up and informed all members via WhatsApp, many of them still haven't replied to my messages, because they are still asleep. At 7 am I rushed to our headquarters which is Chipmunk Vape Store, every week we gather here, the photo above me, Chimeng and Aseng who are already here, we try to contact all the members.


photo by me

Around 8 am we immediately rushed to the track we wanted to go to, but we had to wait for one more member named Reza who was meeting us, after a few minutes Pak Agus approached us and asked to join us, we are happy to accept it.



photo by me

Around 8 o'clock past we were already on a big road and heading to the track we were going to, to be honest I didn't like the asphalt track, about 18 km we went through the asphalt track and were really very tired, because we all use MTB bikes and not road bikes bikes, so we have to be strong to go through the asphalt track first before going through the dirt track.



photo by me

In the photo above, we have entered the village area, there is a pretty good view of green rice fields, the air is not much polluted and we are really very comfortable playing in the village, before we went through a large, polluted road, we haven't taken a break so far.


photo by me

The photo above is our first break after going through many steep and uphill obstacles, so far the tracks we have been through haven't looked difficult, there are some tracks in front of us which are quite difficult and we have to lift the bike to get through it, we talk, laugh and we You have to bring enough mineral water so you don't get dehydrated. Well, what's even more ridiculous, one of our members wants to defecate, as a result we are waiting for Reza hahahaha.


photo by me
Well, after we passed the track that climbed quite high, we had to regulate our breathing and rest for the second time, it was not an easy thing to get through the incline, because we had to have extra stamina and a capable bike too, fortunately we didn't have any damage. naturally.


photo by me

The photo above is our third break, when the heat and scorching hit, we also didn't have any mineral water, so we had to rest a little longer than before, after this break, we faced quite a long and exciting descent, the fatigue paid off. after we passed this last track, really very fun right?.


photo by me

We arrived in the city and we also took a break to return to our homes, fun and togetherness are very important in cycling, I am very happy to have this community and in the future I want to keep this routine running once a week, do you have cycling experience? Give your opinion in the comments. Thank you to those of you who have read and stopped in this post, give your advice and support, see you in the cycling post next week.

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