First Saturday Hash of the year in Chiang Mai: Great turnout!, by @chaingmai.hhh

We had started to get a bit worried as our numbers were diminishing even among those of us that are still here after the national lockdown but it seems our worries were all holiday related. A few of the MIA actors regaled us, well, actually were forced to regale us with stories of how and why they managed to miss the past few weeks but it turns out it was just family obligations or what they referred to as partying too much. Don't you know that partying is what the Hash is all about?

Well, it was nice to see so many people on our first Saturday Hash of 2021.


All in all there was about 40 of us, which was around double the amount we were expecting and the conditions were perfect as well. It was still sunny-ish but not insanely hot. We are in the perfect time of year for Chiang Mai because it is still the cool season but the smog season (which is sadly a real annual thing here) hasn't yet begun.


There were no new faces but there were a few that we haven't seen in a while and that is always a treat. We are extra mean to them when they do return so that we can punish them in a way for staying away for a few weeks. Everyone had an excuse but of course other than being hospitalized or in jail are unacceptable - in all fairness those are not acceptable either.


Now we normally try to get our runs to be around 5km but I think the Hares took that extremely literally because look at those numbers. How on earth did it end up being almost exactly 5km? The world will never know. You can tell by my map that I only got the wrong trail a few times. Therefore, it is easy to surmise that the real trail was actually less than 5km. Bad!


While most of our trail was extremely flat we did have the pleasure of being in the shadows of one of Chiang Mai's newest and flashiest temples that they have been working of for ages. I don't know if it will ever get finished... these things do take time though so that's fine.


We did have a few youngbloods in the mix and I don't know if they actually want to come but they don't have much choice in the matter. I want to remind everyone out there that although we are a drinking club we do NOT give beer to children EVER. That is pure vodka.... ok, it's water.

All in all this first run of 2021 makes me and everyone else involved with the administration of this Hash very hopeful for the rest of the year and let's hope that some of the people that have been gone for a while see to it to return to all the future events. We are still operating on at least 3 runs per week and we always meet at the same place. For full details should you care to join us the information is contained at our official website HERE


18.052 HBD







I was there for this one! Great times!


There was some street chatter about an HHH getting started here but then for reasons I do not know it kind of fizzled out. Pity, I was looking forward to taking part!