Bangkok Night Hash - a bit of a different vibe than in Chiang Mai, by @chaingmai.hhh

I don't make my way down to Bangkok very often, but when I do I always like to hook up with another Hash there while I can. Just like Bangkok is the most populated city in the country, their Hash Chapters are also significantly larger than ours or anyone else's in the country.

They do face some rather unique challenges though and that is that Bangkok isn't terribly outdoorsy and there is a very distinct lack of nature in the city or even nearby. That doesn't stop a group of dedicated Hashers though and their night runs or "Full Moon Hash" events are something truly special.


Since there isn't a great deal of nature in Bangkok and what little does exist are normally parks that are not even open during the night time, it can prove a bit difficult for runs to happen at all. There is also the question of doing circle checks, which aren't terribly possible since they would almost certainly get wiped out by the millions of people that are walking around at all times in that city. Therefore the "rules" are modified a bit and chalk is used instead of powder or paper. Also, the Hares are normally on trail to ensure that no one gets off trail, which is something that we almost never do in Chiang Mai because we don't have to.


We don't often do night runs in Chiang Mai, but when we do it is pretty important to bring a flashlight / torch with you when you do. This is also very true in Bangkok, perhaps even more so since the back alleys and canal roads that they tend to use are not usually very well lit.


I think I personally find this to be so much fun because of the fact that it is so different than what we are acusstomed to up in Chiang Mai where we have a ton of nature surrounding the city. Of course, if I had to choose one or the other I would always choose Chiang Mai because while this is in fact quite interesting, I think everyone can agree that running in nature is a lot nicer than running on cement and train tracks.


This was the funniest and most interesting part of the journey and let me tell you that you definitely do NOT want to end up in that drain pit, this is the dead opposite of clean water and if you do fall in there, your tetanus shots better be up to date. God only knows what sort of filth lies below the surface here. This was more so for the sake of humor than anything else as there is a footpath on the opposite side that is just out of the frame of this picture.


In the end a great time was had by all and of the few people that attempted to make the above jump none of them fell in the water (thank goodness) and at the end of the run we all got together and made fun of one another and drank beer, as is tradition. In Bangkok this process normally takes place in a bar rather than in the middle of a field and this is also just fine.

Unlike back in Chiang Mai where I am generally in a position of leadership, I was a visitor here and therefore subjected to dramatically more grilling than I would normally receive. This is just fine with me because this simply means that I was going to receive more beer as a consequence.

I encourage all Bangkokians to support their local Hash chapter (there are several and some are men only) and the Bangkok Hash House Harriers is open to all new members, newbies, and visitors. You can find more about them at their official website HERE or HERE and that is just a few of them.

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Bangkok is one of those places that I enjoy visiting but could never live there. Waaaay too many people for my liking. The bars are a lot of fun though


Lol look out for incoming trains, and glad there is a footpath next the jump as it looks like a risky one.


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