Community Contest: The Backdrop, by @plint

Dear Ladies of Hive, I am happy to be back for another one of your great contests. I love the topic this time. As usual we got a choice and for this time around it was:

1️⃣ Brush my teeth, drink of water, kiss the kids goodnight, fluff up my stuffy bear, pray, check the smartphone one last time. What are your night time rituals just before bedtime?


2️⃣ Whose or what picture is on the home page of your phone? And why did you pick that?

I didn't have to think long as I have a special bond with the picture that is my background on my phone.

The Background

Every time I open my phone I open a great memory of mine. Here it is: image.png

I took this picture myself with my phone in 2018 in the Alps in the Dolomites (Italy). It was on a climbing trip when at the end of the route we encountered this insane view!

The Route

I was on vacation with two friends to the Dolomites doing some climbs. On that particular day we were doing a via ferrata and happened to be the only people on the route that day. image.png

What is so great about the Dolomites is the view, which is insane, but also the rock which allows for some great climbing. image.png

The picture that was to become the backdrop for my phone was taken at the end of the route, at the turn around point. We did a lovely climb up to there, had lunch and took the background photo but then turned behind us to find a cave entrance. Which of course we set out to explore as well.


Pretty quickly though it turned out the cave was full of guano, or bat shit for normal people, so we decided to head back down.

Why I love the Backdrop

I always keep this photo of this mountain on my phone. It reminds me of a great vacation, climbing and camping with friends for two weeks. We had a blast and I can't wait to return to the Dolomites and have a trip like that again.

I hope to hear many of your stories as well! Thanks to @kerrislravenhill for the questions and good luck with the judging. I would like to invite @marthagolden to have a look at our lovely community!

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An exciting memory with a breath taking view. Seeing this often on the front page of your phone is a reminder of great memories and also a goal for your next adventure is good reason to have it there. A good conversation starter too.

Thank you for Participating @plint ❤️ image.png


What an great memory of climbing the Alps in the Dolomites. Thanks for sharing, @plint. Good luck with the contest.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust


I love the pictures of the mountain too as it makes your phone looks cute and attractive. Truly, it will keep reminding you of the vacation you had then.


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How majestic and gorgeous is nature Hope you get to replace that pic with another adventure to the Dolomites or somewhere just as gorgeous soon ;D


That route looks like a lot of fun! What a stunning landscape!


Now you make me want to go to Italy, if I had a pic like that to remind of an adventure I was on I most likely will put it on my screen too,the view is amazing.


Having a backdrop like that will keep the memories of the adventure alive :) All the best in the contest!


Ohhh i love the Dolomites, the fact that in summer they are so versitile and in winter great to go skiing. Thank you for blogging in the community the ladies of hive, And happy weekend


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