The Art of Hiking and Cosmological Maintenance 15, by @litguru

On our way to the mountain, first we had to cross a bridge above the raging river flowing out of the lake, slowly swelling at the edge, then rapidly rushing through the trees, mighty raging river, blasting through canyons and ancient rainforests, the way it had done since time immemorial.


The sound of the rushing water was an overwhelming experience. Unnerving flow of energy. We had to shout to be heard. An incomprehensible structure, this river, a force of nature that forges its own path. Unstoppable. It didn’t ask for permission. It raged through volcanic fields and flowed on through the misty mountains.

I stood in the middle of the bridge with my phone held up while Pluma hid behind me- then we both spun slowly 360 degrees as I snapped the picture- what a mad sight we must’ve been with our backpacks and dangling gear, spinning in the middle of that bridge. Looking at the pictures later with a cardboard VR viewer, I was transported back to that spot, and the feeling of being present was amazing. No still photograph can recreate that feeling. So, there is something to be said about this newfangled 360 photography. It works! Sadly, I can only post the flat images because I didn't find a way to embed the VR file for your experiential viewing pleasure.


We crossed the bridge and reached the foot of the mountain. Here we go , I thought and tightened all straps on my backpack. I also adjusted my trekking poles to account for the angle of inclination of the trail ahead. With about 40 pounds of gear on my back, it was going to be an arduous journey, and just like every journey, it began with the first step.


Source of Images: @litguru

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