Sweltering Saturday, by @wwwiebe

Yesterday the temperature was around something like 500 degrees, give or take a couple. Honestly, I'm not sure it matters whether that was Fahrenheit or Celsius, or even Kelvin. It's just grossly hot.

So of course I went out in it for a bike ride. Yep. Got sunburned too.


I had actually wanted to do some exploring in New Castle in places I haven't yet been. Mission accomplished! I present to you, Deemers Beach , New Castle.





It didn't take as long as I had expected - it isn't a very big beach - so I went up a trail that I have been on before, but stopped to take pictures on the way. I meandered, wandered, and looked for things I haven't seen before, like this path apparently rarely used. (It's actually a water run off for heavy rain)


And this gnome. This gnome is having himself a good time.


When I was riding this path for the first time last year I happened across this semi-abandoned area with this really awesome looking slab of red, rusty metal. I wanted to see if it was still there; sure enough, it was, but someone had moved it. Good for them, that beast was heavy!


From this bridge and onward, until reaching the Delaware Nature Centre, the path is all wood. I really enjoy this bridge and riding on the wooden path; it's surprisingly smooth and easy to ride on.



After passing the nature centre the path turns and enters Wilmington. Wilmington is an old city with a lot of history behind it, and it's currently going through something of a Renaissance on the riverfront. Much of the inner city is unimpressive, but there are definitely some nice areas now.

If you live in the US, and you have a bank, chances are really good that the bank is incorporated in Wilmington. Good chance the "official" headquarters is here, too, even if it's just a PO Box.

Look, it doesn't look like quite the shithole from here, does it?


As I had mentioned earlier, I was out to do some exploring, and I definitely did find a new path that I had not been on before. This made me happy! Down I went.

This path, little more than a dirt path, ran parallel to the wooden path that I was on, and is intended to allow people to more closely observe the marshland and flowers around the nature centre.




There were even these cute little fairy telephones. Can't you imagine a fairy using these as an ear and mouth piece?


Ultimately I came to the end of the trail. And just in case I didn't realise that the trail came to a sudden end and was blocked with a wall of foliage, it was printed out for me.

But what if I wanted to keep going??



At this point I rode straight back to the car. I had original plans to do some more exploring, but I think the bike tires were beginning to melt, and my hair may have started to smoke from the heat. The chilled watermelon waiting for me at home never tasted so good!

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Great stuff Victor, I especially like the gnome, that was me once upon a time.


Your fairy telephone pole is mullein (Verbascum thapsus). It's a biennial. The stalk only appears the second year and is called "Aaron's Rod". Its used in some folk medicines.

Great pics of your adventure.


What a lovely ride except for the heat needless to say, when it gets that hot one definitely just wishes to go home to cold watermelon.

Flowers are so pretty growing in the wild spaces one normally doesn't notice them in cluttered cities, once out on trails we seem to be attracted to them, great photos!



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I had to look up the temperature to see what 'absurdly hot' is in Wilmington. Just for my reference, you understand.

A pretty darn nice ride. I'm glad they put up a sign for you so you knew when you'd hit the end of the trail. Very thoughtful.

Thanks for a wonderful post.


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What a ride! I have to admit, it wasn't the best of conditions with that heat, but, the scenery was definitely worth it.

Great shots and better than that, you actually blazed through these areas! Delaware has always been a very surprising state.

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YOu did some really great exploring in tough conditions, congrats. Wonderful photos. I love both the wooden path and the trail you ended on. Sign included :)

Why didn't you take a bath?