Copenhagen in frosty sun light, by @katharsisdrill

Copenhagen has been dark and wet for eternity and I have not really felt like cycling. Instead I have been strolling around my own neighbourhood with its Turkish shawarma joints, Arab supermarkets and hipster coffee shops in the gloomy afternoon. But yesterday, after a very cold night it was all light - acidulous, painful light. I took on my shades, grabbed my bike and cycled to the inner city to buy tea.

IMG<em>20210115</em>115925.jpg Rosenborg - Castle of Roses - and in front the field before the barracks where her Majesty's Guard resides.

IMG<em>20210115</em>115930.jpg The German Reformed Church.

IMG<em>20210115</em>120911.jpg New- and old-square separated in middle by the pedestrian street called Strøget. Down in the corner you can see the Copenhaden city court looking like a Greek temple, one of the most beautiful building from the neo-classical epoque. There are quite a few buildings in this style in this part of the city as much of it burned when the British bastards terror bombed us in 1807.

IMG<em>20210115</em>131546.jpg Reflections in the windows of the house on the opposite side of the street.

IMG<em>20210115</em>132430.jpg The old country archive on Nørrebro

IMG<em>20210115</em>132619.jpg Borups alle - with its winter-cropped trees

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Copenhagen is so beautiful! Hopefully after the pandemic I can finally travel and visit it.


My favorite city in Europe ❤