My new bike and a trip from Hillerød, by @katharsisdrill

I've been away for some days... life. In the meantime I have finally bought a new bike - dead cheap - only 2500 Danish crowns (335€ - $368) - I have moved fenders, the baggage rack and the lights from the old one (giving it a slightly motley look). It's a Polish company, Romet, and probably not a thing for real bike enthusiasts. But it works and it is quite nice to finally have a bike that is not falling apart. The old bike was worn out and a repair would have cost the same as this one with a new rear wheel and a new front fork. I have biked many thousands of kilometres on this bike and it is sort of sad to let it go, but this one simply works and is nice to ride besides.

IMG<em>20200516</em>134235 1.jpg

The old bike will be given back to Buddha Bikes so they can use the parts for “new” used bicycles. The rear wheel and the front fork is worn out but maybe they can use the frame, front wheel and chain.


Today I took it on a 35 km maiden voyage. I brought it in the train to Hillerød to visit some family that needs visiting and cycled back home to Copenhagen in high sun. A beautiful trip that I plan to do again.





8.780 HBD







Nice wheels and a beautiful place to ride. I have been riding to the station lately to save some time. The roads and train are quiet for now. I hope to do much more riding over the summer.


I observed you have not posted for about two days and I was wondering what happened. It's nice to see you post once again. Are there lockdown measures in your country for you to be able to go purchase the bike?

Be safe.


2500 danish crowns is equivalent to about 140,000 naira in Nigeria. That's a whole lot and it's not cheap at all.

The sky is beautiful. The mixture of blue and white is cute


Nice bike 🚴‍♂️


Wow.. The pictures are beautiful.. Nature at its best. Congratulations on the new bike too.