Cycling Around Clumber Park - National Trust Property, by @ellenripley

I went cycling to Clumber Park which is a National Trust property near Nottingham, UK. It is now open to visitors. The daily parkland and surrounding areas covers over 3,800 acres. Even the view of the lovely waterfall has a reminder of the bloody virus!

The mansion was demolished in 1938, but there's still the old Victorian chapel and a Gothic Revival mini-cathedral.

In the middle of the estate is a large lake, with a bridge and temple. We cycled around the lake which is approximately just under 5 miles.

We would have gone further but it was getting hot but thankfully most of the ride was on the flat.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.

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Bike touring is a great way to explore!

And I hear you -- I'm tired of being reminded about the virus all the time. It's depressing. Gotta keep up the safe practices though, I guess.