Strava stats for January 2020, by @ervin-lemark

It's really interesting how the guys from Strava try to engage the users and keep the community going. One of their approaches is monthly stats newsletter where they congratulate you and implicitly ask that you come for more. And maybe pay for their premium services :)

Here are some of my stats for January 2020 as were presented to me via an email.

SInce I am a public person, sort of, I keep these records public. You can check them for yourself at my Strava profile page.

And while you are here I invite you to join the following Strava clubs:

Running on Steem

Coros Running zb27tq.png

All the data is gathered with the help of Coros Pace sports watch and displayed with Coros app.

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Better and better

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I only joined Strava this year, but it seems they do all they can to keep you engaged. I do like stats and can't resist doing some challenges. I hope to see the Steem club grow.